How to Transfer PS4 Games and Save Data to PS5

If you just got a PS5, congratulations, but don’t sell your PS4 just yet. You can transfer all of your save data so you can pick up your games right where you left off on your new console and not have to start from scratch. These are all the ways to transfer your PS4 games and save data to PS5.

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To transfer your PS4 games and save data to a PS5, connect both consoles to the same Wi-Fi network wirelessly or with a LAN cable. Then navigate to Settings–> System–> System Software–> Data transfer on your PS5. Select your PS4 console from the list of detected devices to start the data transfer.

How to Transfer PS4 Games and Save Data to PS5

There are four ways to transfer your PS4 games and save data: via Wi-Fi, LAN, Extended Storage, or PS Plus Cloud Storage. The data transfer will not overwrite or delete data on either console, but you may want to make a backup in case something goes wrong. You’ll also want to sync your trophy information to keep track of all your in-game achievements. press the Options button during viewing trophies and then select Sync with PlayStation Network.

You can watch Sony’s official video for an overview of data transfer between consoles, then read on for all the details.

Transfer by network connection

The easiest way to transfer data is over a Wi-Fi network. Connect your PS5 console and PS4 consoles to the same network from the console settings menu. You can connect both consoles to the same Wi-Fi modem using LAN cables or connect wirelessly. By connecting your consoles to the same network wirelessly, you can use a LAN cable to connect your PS5 and PS4 consoles for faster transfer speeds. If both consoles are connected to the network via LAN cables, you do not need to connect the PlayStation consoles with one.

During the transfer, it helps if your TV has more than one HDMI port so you can switch between inputs to monitor progress on either console. If your TV only has one HDMI port, you can use a second screen or just leave both consoles on while you unplug your HDMI cables when you need to switch.

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When you first set up your PS5 console, there will be on-screen instructions for the data transfer stage. If you skipped that initially, you can find the option by navigating to Settings-> System-> System Software-> Data transfer. Click Continue when you are ready to start. During the data transfer, do not console either, as doing so can damage systems.

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When the PS5 console shows the message Prepare for data transfer, press and hold the power button on your PS4 console for one second (or until you hear a beep). On your PS5 console, select the data you want to transfer. In most cases, this will be save data and any downloaded games you are currently playing. Select Start Transfer and let the console communicate until the process is complete.

Your PS5 console will automatically restart near the end of the data transfer. After the console restarts, it will find all the games and save files from your PS4 to your PS5.

PS Cloud Server Transfer

If you subscribe to PlayStation Plus, you can take advantage of Sony’s cloud server to store and download save data. This method involves uploading your PS4 data to the cloud server and then downloading the data to your PS5 console.

On your PS4 console, navigate to Settings-> Application data management–> Data Saved in System Storage–> Upload to online storage. Select the games and files you want to upload and select Yes to overwrite the cloud file. You can save up to 100 GB of PS4 save data and up to 1000 PS4 save data files.

Once your PS4 has finished uploading the data, turn on your PS5 and go to Settings -> Saved Data Y Game/application settings. Select Save Data (PS4) and choose Cloud storage to see everything you have stored in the cloud. Select the files and games you want to download, and then choose Download to console storage.

ps5 download cloud storage to console

For PS5 games, if you select Sync Saved Data–> View sync status, you can check the sync status of each game. Alternatively, you can highlight a game from the startup library, hit the options button, and then select Check the sync status of saved data.

Transfer using an extended storage device

Instead of re-downloading a PS4 game to your PS5 console storage, you can play any PS4 game installed on an external storage device by connecting it to your PS5.

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Before you disconnect Extended Storage from your PS4, select Settings-> Devices-> USB storage devices and choose Stop. You can now safely remove the cable and connect it to your PS5.

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If you don’t have a LAN cable, the fastest way to transfer save data between two PS4 consoles is to use an external hard drive or USB stick. Download data from one console, then connect to upload to another. Alternatively, you can download your save data to a second PS4 from the cloud server if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber.

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