How to Tour the Boeing Everett Factory, the World’s Largest Building

The largest building in the world is the huge Boeing Everett factory in the state of Washington, near Seattle. Visiting one of the largest and most advanced factories in the world is educational and an unusual activity to enjoy while on vacation. Visitors to the Boeing Everett Factory can learn about cutting-edge innovation from Boeing, which produces about half of the world’s large commercial aircraft.

It’s not just Boeing that offers tours of its factories. Ford is another major US auto company that led the world with standardization and assembly line in the early days of the automobile that made cars affordable for the average American. Today, the Ford Rouge Factory is also open for tours to those visiting Detroit in the heart of America’s Rust Belt.


Seattle’s Boeing Everett Factory – The World’s Largest Factory

The Boeing Everett Factory was built in 1967 to build the venerable Boeing 747 (Jumbo Jet) and has been expanded several times to build other aircraft such as the 767, 777 and 787 (Dreamliner). The last Boeing 747 is scheduled to be built in 2022 (as a cargo version, not a passenger version). Very large double-decker planes like the Boeing 747 and Airbus A380 are not cheap and are no longer made.

The 787 Dreamliner is no longer being built at the Boeing Everett factory as a result of cost-cutting measures in the wake of the pandemic. Now the innovative Dreamliner is built only at Boeing’s factory in South Carolina (not all of Boeing’s operations are in Washington state).

  • Built: 1967 (extended several times)
  • Largest building: by volume
  • Volume: 13,385,378 m3 (472,370,319 cu ft)
  • Employees: more than 30,000

The world’s largest aircraft factory may not be something that most would consider a tourist destination. But Boeing has been offering factory tours since it launched its first 747 Jumbo Jet in 1968.

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Attractions and Exhibits at the Boeing Everett Factory

Visitors can explore The Boeing Store, the theater and the Future of Flight Aviation Center. They discover future Boeing products and services and the Boeing Future of Flight Legacy of Innovation and Above and Beyond exhibits. Visitors can interact with the Destiny Module and the Drones and Robotics experiences.

Visitors can join in their summer scavenger hunt. It’s a special scavenger hunt focused on learning about sustainability and how Boeing uses renewable energy to be more environmentally friendly. Ask the staff for details when one arrives.

The Boeing Backstage Pass – The Everett Factory is a must-see at its Boeing Theater. Includes General Admission (which gives access to the Gallery and Sky Deck).

  • Boeing behind-the-scenes show times: 10:00, 11:30, 13:30, 15:00

Aviation is at the forefront of technology and employs some of the most advanced and futuristic technologies available today. The future of aviation is one of constant change and innovation. The future of air travel may include a return to supersonic flight and also a move towards eco-friendliness. Boeing competitor Airbus has announced a site to build the world’s first zero-emission commercial aircraft by 2035 using hydrogen technologies.

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Planning a visit to the Boeing Everett factory

Please note that at the time of this writing (September 2022), the Boeing Factory Tour is closed and there is no planned reopening date this time. Feel free to sign up for the Boeing newsletter to receive the latest updates. Some of their attractions are still open, but hopefully they’ll offer full tours when one visits Seattle again.

Boeing Future of Flight – General Admission:

  • It includes: Galley and Sky Deck
  • Adult: $12.00 (over 16 years old)
  • Youth: $6.00 (from 6 to 15 years old)

Boeing Backstage Pass:

  • Adult: $20.00 (over 16 years old)
  • Youth: $10.00 (from 6 to 15 years old)

Operating hours:

  • Thursday to Monday: 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday Wednesday: Closed (also closed Thanksgiving Day, December 24, December 25, December 31, January 1)

Lastly, visit their store. It is open for in-store purchases Thursday through Monday from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm. One can get clothing from Boeing like jackets, hoodies, caps, etc. Shop scale models and various aviation collectibles.

There are different exhibits and things to see at Boeing; they also have exhibits coming soon, like their Safe Travel Initiative. It is a global effort to make flights safe, healthy and efficient for passengers and crew. Learn about healthy travel tips, research, and various technologies in development.

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