How to take an ‘Everything Shower’


March 21, 2023 | 3:30 pm

The “Everything Shower” routine is packed with Gen Z fans.

The shower craze is the latest obsessive — and probably unnecessary — wellness trend Gen Z and millennials are adding to their self-care Sundays. The TikTok hashtag #everythingshower has 123.7 million views as people share and make fun of their own routines.

An “Everything Shower” is an extensive bathing process that involves taking good care of everything.

The first step to taking a shower for everything is to spend an hour or so pampering yourself.

During this time, people engage in a long, multi-step pre-shower, shower, and post-shower routine using a full cabinet of soaps, cleansers, scrubs, serums, oils, and more.

Some routines start with dry brushing, hair brushing, scalp treatments, deep conditioning masks, makeup removers, and face masks.

Once the shower is nice and steamy, let the shampooing, conditioner, scrub, shave, and wash begin.

An “everything shower” often consists of a lengthy pre-shower, shower, and post-shower routine.
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Moving on to the face, double cleansing, first with an oil-based facial cleanser and then a water-based one, is usually the last step of the shower cleansing process that ends with a splash of cool water to maintain the shiny shiny hair. silky.

When you get out of the shower, experts suggest dabbing with a towel to keep your skin moist while you hydrate and continue your skincare routine. Some people enjoy enhancing their glow with fake bronzers and hydrating hair or skin masks.

These wellness trends and routines have catapulted the hair, scalp and skin care industries, which have expanded and are expected to continue to grow into the billions due to increasing demand for specialty products.

While most people take a Todo Shower to pamper themselves, others also participate in the detailed process to prepare for a potential sexual encounter.

While the routine varies for everyone and can change each time, the point of an All Shower is to treat yourself to taking the time to cleanse and care for every inch of your body.

For many, the practice of mimes is a meditative process, but others joke that the routine has become an exhausting and obsessive procedure.

“My Everything Shower is getting out of hand,” Raya Carmona captioned a TikTok video listing the most recent updates to her Everything Shower routine.

The TikToker added a lymphatic drainage routine during conditioner, dry brushing and gua sha after, Olaplex 3 before shampoo, skin oil on shaved areas, and has filtered, pH-balanced shower water.

“My water bill is exorbitant. My skin is glowing. My mental health is failing.”

Others make fun of themselves by posting funny videos showing them stretching to get ready or shaking and falling on the bed after the long and exhausting cleaning process.

“You have just finished your shower of everything of more than 2 hours and you have lost consciousness in your extremities, you have turned into a human prune and you are very dehydrated, but it is worth it because you are softer than a glazed donut”, Valera Djordjevic captioned his viral TikTok video. .

As some of these videos mock, wellness culture has gotten a bit out of hand (we’re looking at you Gwyneth Paltrow) and a bit toxic in recent years as trends like the Clean Girl aesthetic and the What I Eat in videos to Day. pushing the boundaries of an unhealthy obsession with self-care and wellness routines.

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