How to take a poll on Google Meet

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Looking for honest opinions? By taking a survey on Google Meet, you can get the answers you need to make a decision, conduct research, or see if everyone is on the same page. After the meeting is over, you’ll even receive a report with the answers so you can analyze them further.

Note: Starting in August 2022, you’ll need a Google Workspace account to take a survey. This includes Essentials, Business Standard or Plus, Enterprise Starter, Essentials, Standard or Plus, Education Plus, Teaching and Learning Upgrade, G Suite Business, Nonprofits, and Workspace Individual Subscribers.

Create a poll in Google Meet

You can set up a poll and show it to participants right away, or save it and start it at any time during the meeting.

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Once Google Meet starts, select the Activities icon at the bottom right of the screen.

Choose Surveys > Start a survey.

Start a survey in the Activity Surveys section

Enter the question for the survey and the answer options.

Question and answer fields for a survey

To allow replies without names, turn that option on. To display the survey immediately, select “Start” and to save it for later, select “Save”.

Launch and save options

When you want to display a saved survey, click the Activities icon, select “Polls” and then choose “Start” for the one you want to display.

Launch a poll in Google Meet

Edit, delete or create another survey

You can also change, delete, or set up another survey. Reopen the Activities > Surveys section and do one of the following:

  • Select “Edit” to change the question or answers and choose “Save” or “Start”.
  • Click the trash can icon to delete a survey. You’ll No you will be prompted to confirm this action.
  • Choose “Create a Poll” at the bottom to set up another poll, if you want to take more than one during your meeting.

Edit, delete or create another survey

How participants vote

When you start a poll during your Google Meet, participants see a blue dot above the Activities icon in the bottom right. They just click the icon and then see the same indicator next to Surveys in the list of activities.

Activity Indicator

They then answer the question by checking one of the options and selecting “Vote.”

Poll and poll indicator

They can then use the arrow in the top left to go back or close the sidebar with the X in the top right.

Note: A participant cannot change their answer once they have voted.

View or end a live poll

To see the survey results as they come in, go back to Activities > Surveys and select the one you want to view. You will see the number of votes for each answer option in real time.

Answers to a survey in Google Meet

If you want the responses to be public to your participants, enable the Show results to everyone option. They can then go back to Activities > Polls and also see the number of votes for each answer.

Show poll results toggle

To end the survey, select “End Survey”. It will no longer be available even if new participants join the meeting.

Finish survey button

Review your survey results

After your Google Meet ends, you will receive your survey results via email to the address attached to your Google account.

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You can click the Survey Results link or icon to open the report displayed in Google Sheets.

Google Meet survey results email

You’ll see a tab for All Surveys that shows you how each person responded to each survey.

Results of all surveys

You also have separate tabs for the surveys numbered in the order you created them. Each provides the name (unless you have allowed anonymous responses), the response, and a timestamp.

Results of a survey

Taking a poll on Google Meet is so easy, it’s a convenient way to get responses or feedback from all of your participants. Plus, you have a record of subsequent responses that you can analyze or share.

If you need to get feedback and information from people in your circle on a regular basis, consider creating a survey with Google Forms.

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