How to survive combat on the furthest frontier

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  • How to stop predator attacks

The world of farthest border it is dangerous. The villagers are constantly at risk of starvation, disease, and exposure to the elements. If that wasn’t bad enough, there are vicious gangs of raiders out in the desert, plotting to take what little the townspeople have! By building defenses for your city and training soldiers, you can fight off these marauders.

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Wild animals also pose a threat: although they are not as deadly, they are much more common than organized raids. With this guide, you will be able to face any enemy and protect your villagers from their attacks.


Farthest Frontier is currently in early access. This guide may be updated as the game development process continues.

How to stop predator attacks

Aggressive animals like wolves, bears and boars are a danger to your villagers from the moment the game starts. While these territorial creatures generally stick to a single area, attack any human who gets too close. This makes them especially dangerous for villagers exploring or gathering resources in the woods far from town.

Most villagers will be able to escape an animal attack. as long as they have the protection of a Hide Coat and you don’t have to run too far before you reach a safe place. However, in the worst case scenario, a bitten villager will contract rabies, which in most cases is a death sentence, even if the town has a healer.

If an animal chases a villager into town, sound the alarm in the center of town and the garrison should make quick work of the beast as long as it stays within bow range. You can also have multiple villagers meet the animal to take him down with melee attacks.

Never try to get a villager to only have one animal unless they are a hunter, guard, or soldier. Normal townspeople will lose a fight one on one every time.

wolf dens

Wolves and direwolves appear in Wolf Dens, which are scattered throughout the map at the start of the game. wolf populations always replenish as long as a wolf den exists. Hunters and Soldiers can be commanded to destroy Wolf Dens placing your work or combat zone close. Doing so will prevent any more wolves from breeding in the area.

One or two well-equipped soldiers can easily destroy a wolf lair, even one protected by an entire pack. Hunters have a harder time as they tend to work alone. If a wolf den needs to be destroyed before you can build a barracks, try having a hunter take down the wolves one by one then destroy the defenseless lair before the next spring. Alternatively, if you have multiple hunter huts, you can order all hunters to attack the den individually; their combined efforts should be enough.


Bears are the hardest animals to kill in the game, and bold enough to roam your town unprovoked. Usually they will breaking into buildings to steal food, but like other predators, it will attack villagers on sight. A hunter or lookout tower can usually scare off a bear, since the animals retreat when they lose about half of their health. Try to kill the bear before it escapes, otherwise it will come back.

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How to fight raiders

Starting in year seven, groups of raiders will periodically attack the city. Your goal is take any gold, food and weapons they can find before retreating, and they will kill anyone who gets in their way. It’s up to your guards and soldiers, along with any citizens garrisoned in the center of the city., to stop them before they take your precious supplies.

The attackers mainly target Warehouses, the trading postY any building with food in it. Building (and eventually upgrading) watchtowers near these buildings is the first step in scaring off marauders. Observation towers are most effective from higher elevations, so a hilltop overlooking a main road or supply center is a great place to build one.

Raiders always have more and better equipment than the last time they attacked. Keep upgrading your defenses between raids or you’ll end up overwhelmed!

Once the town center is upgraded to level two, you can start building barracks and training soldiers inside. Soldiers are the best fighters in the Village, and with the right weapons and armor, a single soldier can take down three or four raiders. Since he won’t be able to craft his own weapons until the town center reaches level three, it’s vital that he Buy equipment at the Trading Post. The traveling merchant Iron Clan Atka He almost always has weapons, armor, and the materials to make them, so check his inventory every time he comes to town.

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combat strategy

While raiders typically have a handful of attack paths they prefer, there’s no way to predict which direction they’ll attack when they spawn. The biggest bands even divide into two groups to attack from multiple angles. Unfortunately, you’ll have to expect some casualties when these bloodthirsty bandits come to town. sound the alarm the moment your sentinels spot them to save as many lives as possible.

Walls are expensive and time consuming, so you may not be able to surround the entire city. Instead, build walls to funnel raiders into kill zones between two or more Watchtowers. You also can surround small outlying settlements to make them less attractive targets, giving the inhabitants time for your soldiers to arrive.

Once word gets out that your city has walls, the raider can start bringing battering rams when attacking. Remember; walls can be rebuilt, but dead villagers cannot be brought back to life. As terrifying as rams are, your first priority should be sending raiders packing.

You may be tempted to send your soldiers into battle right away, it’s much better to wait to deploy them until the observation towers have softened up the raiders. raiders always outnumber your soldiers, and meeting a whole company of them in open battle is a bad idea. If the raiders pass through the barracks, your soldiers can simply shoot them safely from the inside!

Once you have discovered the main target of the raiders and have put arrows on some of them, deploy your soldiers to defend the most important buildings. The raiders will retreat once about half of them are dead; As the battle rages on slow down the game and see which raiders successfully loot building resources. Make sure these particular bandits don’t get away so you can get back what they stole!

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