How to summon and defeat the Moon Lord

The Moon Lord boss is the height of progression in ReLogic’s sandbox game terrariums and is considered the ultimate final boss. Killing him grants players access to the end-game ore, Luminite, which is used to craft powerful items. He even has a small chance to drop some powerful weapons, like the Meowmere, which is needed to craft the almighty Zenith sword.

Some terrariums Players may need additional guidance on how to spawn Moon Lord and want to know the best strategies to defeat this boss with ease.


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how to summon

The Moon Lord can be spawned in two ways: Players must destroy all four Celestial Pillars that spawn in the player’s world during the Lunar Event: Solar, Nebula, Vortex, and Stardust. These can be destroyed in any order. The Lunar Event activates after defeating the Lunatic Cultist, transforming the player’s world until all Pillars are defeated.

The other method of summoning the Moon Lord is to use the Celestial Sigil, which can be used in any biome at any time of day. This can be crafted with 20 Nebula Shards, 20 Sun Shards, 20 Stardust Shards, and 20 Vortex Shards at an Ancient Manipulator Crafting Station.

Moon Lord will spawn approximately one minute after the final Celestial Pillar has been destroyed and the status message “Imminent doom draws near…” will appear. The screen will go dark and the player’s screen will shake 5 times until the Moon Lord appears. Players will need to make sure they have the best armor and gear for their build, and enhancement potions at the ready.

Gearing Up: Best Combat Builds

The optimal weapons to use against the Moon Lord will, of course, depend on the build the player has decided to delve into. This is a rough guide on what the best weapons and armor are for this fight, Postlunatic Cultist, and is entirely up to player preference.

Wings or a flying mount are also basically a necessary requirement for this fight, as players will need to dodge the Moon Lord’s attacks. The best wings players can manage up to this point include Steampunk Wings,

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  • Magic – For Magic users, nebula glow it’s a good DPS weapon with a buff effect, but it has a high mana cost. Can be crafted on an Ancient Manipulator with 18 Nebula Fragments. the blizzard staff it has higher DPS than Nebula Blaze and lower mana cost and is also a viable option. Specter Armor is the best choice for Magic users.
  • messy fightsolar flare. It has a surprisingly long range for a melee build, allowing players to attack multiple parts of the Moon Lord simultaneously, dealing considerable damage. It can be crafted on an Ancient Manipulator using 18 Solar Shards. beetle armor is the easiest option for Melee users, although they can also use a Chlorophyte Plusky the Valhalla Armor Set.
  • from distance – The vortex mixer can be crafted on an Ancient Manipulator with 18 Vortex Shards. Deals 50-70 damage, depending on ammo used. The bullets are fired at high speed but are very inaccurate. It is the best weapon in the game before Moon Lord. Remote users should use shroomite armoralthough bonuses are useless in this fight.
  • summoner – Summoners are possibly the weakest class in the game. Still, the Stardust Dragon Staff is possibly the best weapon for this fight. Summons a dragon that grows longer with each additional summon and passes through blocks dealing damage to enemies. the Stardust Dragon Staff It is crafted using 18 Stardust Shards in an Ancient Manipulator. the spooky armor is the best choice for Summoners.

Ground Preparations and Strategies

The Moon Lord will spawn immediately on top of the player, so having an open battlefield is ideal to avoid any chance of getting stuck. Most of his attacks can go through blocks, so players should be free to move around him. Moon Lord’s default position is underground, so players will need to be in the air to attack his core later.

It is recommended that players pre-build a long sky bridge, preferably with platforms, to make movement easier. They should also have campfires placed evenly on the platforms, for that all-important passive health regeneration. As mentioned above, players must also have a flying mount, like the UFO, or some wings equipped to dodge his deadly attacks.

It is advisable for players to have the Nurse NPC located safely nearby, in case of an emergency where the player can heal if their health becomes critically low and cannot be healed. Note that Moon Lord will teleport on top of the player if they get too far away, 150 tokens to be exact.

the actual fight

The Moon Lord has three eyes that need to be damaged, located on his head and hands. These eyes can only be damaged when open and are immune when closed. They each have separate health bars. It is recommended that players aim for the eye on their forehead first. Doing so removes the chance of any Phantasmal Deathray attacks, which can wipe out half the health of an unsuspecting player.

The Moon Lord will also attempt to attach a Tentacle to the player, which becomes more frequent after the head’s eye has been defeated, approximately every two seconds. His tentacle attack inflicts the Moon Bite debuff. This prevents players from healing during repulses and also restores the Moon Lord’s HP using lifesteal.

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After each eye is defeated, it will spawn an unkillable enemy, True Eyes Of Cthululu. They fire ghostly bolts at the player, so they must carefully dodge these attacks. Fortunately, the true eyes of Cthululu remain stationary and are therefore easily avoided. Once his eyes have been defeated, players should still be careful as they will turn into thorny cracks that deal damage on contact.

Once all three eyes have been defeated, the Moon Lord’s chest/core will open, revealing a fourth health bar for his heart. Once this final health bar is depleted, players will have defeated the final boss in terrariums! The Moon Lord’s death will cause the screen to turn blindingly white, and then the rewards will rain down on deserving players!


The table below details all possible and guaranteed items awarded by defeating the Moon Lord, including their chance to drop items with a brief description.

Article name Description of the article drop chance
Lord of the Moon Trophy furniture article 10%
Meowmere mining cart Minecart: Emits a rainbow trail and meows when jumping. 10%
Celebration Gun: Fire two rockets at once that explode and deal 25 damage. eleven%
celebration mk2 Pistol: Improved version of the previous entry, fire one of seven special rockets, regardless of ammo. offers 40 damage. eleven%
Moongate Staff Summoner Item: Summons a Lunar Gate Sentinel for 2 minutes. eleven%
Rainbow Crystal Staff Summoner Item: Summons the Rainbow Crystal ward for two minutes. Fires colored bolts at the nearest enemy, dealing 130 damage. eleven%
moon flare Magic Weapon: Summons three projectiles that rain from the sky, creating small explosions on impact. 100 magic damage. eleven%
ultimate prism Magic Weapon: Fires six beams of light that converge into a focused beam. 100 magic damageand rapidly consumes Mana at 144 Mana per second. eleven%
SDMG (Space Dolphin Machine Gun) Pistol – Considered an upgrade to the Megashark Pistol, with a faster rate of fire and a 50% chance to not consume ammo. 85 damage. eleven%
wrath of stars Sword: Causes three pink star projectiles to fall from the sky each time it is swung. The sword itself deals 110 damageand star shells duplicate this in 220 damage. eleven%
terrarium Yoyo: Has a range of 25 tiles and an infinite spin time, staying in the air indefinitely. offers 190 melee damage with 6.5 recoil. eleven%
meow Sword: An automatic swinging sword that fires a projectile shaped like a cat’s head followed by a rainbow. The projectile bounces off the blocks, emitting an explosion. Creates a meowing sound when used. It is about 200 melee damage. eleven%
Moon Lord Mask toiletry item 14%
portal gun Create two linked portals. It has a maximum range of 675 blocks. 100%
luminite An ore dropped exclusively by the Moon Lord in stacks of 70 to 90, used to craft various endgame items. 100%
Greater Healing Potion Potion: Restores 150 health immediately after consumption. Dropped in stacks of 5-15. 100%
super healing potion Potion: Restores 200 health immediately after consumption. Dropped in stacks of 5-15. 100%

terrariums is available to play on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, iOS, and Android devices.

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