How to STILL make purchases on Nintendo 3DS and WiiU | eShop Closure Guide

Still can’t give up 3DS or WiiU? You can still make purchases through 2023 using this method.

Closure of the Wii U and 3DS eShop - Render

You can still make purchases on your Nintendo 3DS or WiiU. The eShop is closing as scheduled, and credit cards and gift cards are no longer available in the system’s digital download store; you can still visit the store, but I can’t add funds. If you still want to purchase digital games on your Nintendo 3DS, there is one method available to you: link your 3DS account to your Switch account. By linking your Nintendo Accounts, you can add funds to the 3DS and still make purchases. This is your only option if you’re itching to buy any of the amazing 3DS games that are still available on the service.

The prices of Nintendo 3DS games are increasing rapidly on the second-hand market, so if you want to play Ace Attorney Vs. Layton or any other expensive game, your best option is to buy it from the 3DS eShop at a reasonable price. The service is packed with amazing bite-sized gaming experiences that only cost a handful of dollars, so grab them before the service shuts down completely. March 27, 2023. That is the last day you will be able to use the service. Until then, you can still transfer funds or spend the funds you have.

How to make purchases in the 3DS/WiiU eShop

the 3DS electronic store no longer allows you to add funds with credit cards or gift cards. If you already have funds available in the 3DS eShop, you can still spend the money, and you can add funds through other methods. By link nintendo accountsyou will be able to add funds which will then appear in the 3DS electronic store. We will explain the complete process in the following guide.

For further assistance, this method is fully described in this GameXplain 3DS eShop video on Youtube.

  • Step 1: Link your Nintendo account
    • In you nintendo switchto go User settings -> friends suggestions -> Select the Nintendo 3DS / WiiU icon
    • Select “next” on any of these tabs and follow the instructions.
    • Log in and you will link Nintendo Network Identifier (3DS / WiiU account) to your nintendo account (Change)

Now that you Nintendo accounts are linkedyou will share friends list Y money. You may add backgrounds to your nintendo switch and these funds will appear when you check the 3DS/WiiU eShop. To do that, you need Merge funds.

  • Step 2: How to merge funds
    • Open the Change electronic store And go to Settings (upper right icon) to view your Funds available.
    • About him Funds available section, select the option to Merge funds — this will merge funds with the 3DS/WiiU eShop.

now you can add funds to Nintendo Switch, and the backgrounds will appear on 3DS / WiiU. This also has the added benefit of getting your leftover funds back on 3DS/WiiU so you can spend them on Nintendo Switch. But that’s a problem most of us aren’t going to have.

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