How to slide kick in Fortnite, including how to dislodge a runaway rock with a slide kick

Dislodge a runaway rock with a sliding kick is a weekly challenge from the first week of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4.

It’s actually a bit tricky to complete, so we’ve detailed everything you need to know about this challenge below, including how to slide kicksome runaway rock locationsand exactly how to dislodge a runaway rock with a slide kick in Fortnite.

Completing this challenge will reward you with 20k XP, which will help you unlock the skins in the new Battle Pass.

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How to slide kick in Fortnite

You may know how to slide in Fortnite, but what about slide kicks? Well, it turns out it’s basically the same thing, but swipe kick in Fortnite, you have to hit something with your body while sliding.

So first you’ll need to have a full speed meter, or enough to take you the distance you need, then you need to run, hit the crouch button to slide, then hit something while sliding to kick it. .

The only problem with sliding kicks is that they don’t deal much damage, which can make certain challenges difficult to complete.

How to dislodge a runaway rock with a sliding kick in Fortnite

Seeing as slide kicks don’t deal much damage, what you need to do to dislodge a runaway rock with a slide kick in Fortnite is damage the rock first.

Be careful though, the rock doesn’t have a lot of health, so just hit it with your pickaxe twice. If you hit it more, you risk dislodging it without kicking it first.

Once you’ve whittled down the rocks’ health with two pickaxe hits, back up until you’ve put some distance between you and the rock. All you have to do now to dislodge the daring fugitive is run, slide, and then hit the rock to kick it.

Since sliding kicks don’t deal much damage, you’ll probably have to kick the rock a few times before it dislodges.

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Fortnite Runaway Rock Locations

Runaway boulders are usually found at the top of steep hills or near tall structures. It can be a pain looking for one, especially if someone else has already dislodged one, so we’ve pointed out where you can find some runaway rocks at a glance:

Specifically, marked in blue, here are the exact areas of the runaway rock locations marked above:

1 – Rave Cave, at the top of the western hill

2 – On a snowy hill east of a patch of grass, northwest of Logjam Junction

3 – East of Rave Cave, on top of the largest hill

4 – South of Tilted Towers, on a hill near a zipline

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