How to sleep for an hour on Stray

Lost is an exceptional game that has something for everyone. Most importantly, the game has moments where the player can focus on other activities instead of trying to run away from the dystopian city. Some activities include searching for TV channels and playing a basketball, but some are not so easy to identify.

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Many players don’t realize that they can earn the Productive Day achievement by sleeping in late. Lost. Unfortunately, Lost does not allow players to sleep anywhere. The good news is that this guide will cover everything there is to know about sleeping in Stray, including all the places where the player can sleep for an hour.


Sleep for an hour in Stray


The world of Lost it is full of mattresses and beds for the player to sleep on. When the player approaches a place where they can sleep, an interaction button will appear indicating that the player can sleep there.

Players who want to earn the Productive Day achievement sooner can do so in the Slums (Chapter 4). Players need to head to the rooftops and find the robot. Approach the robot and press the interaction button to sleep. However, the player will need to leave the game as it is for an hour to get the achievement.

Upon completion, PlayStation players will earn a silver trophy.

Other places to sleep are the following:

  • Close to arguing robots – The slums
  • Doc’s Library – The Slums
  • Fishing Raft – Dead End
  • Behind the nightclub – Midtown
  • Clementine’s Apartment – Midtown
  • On top of the sleeping robot – Midtown

Note: Sleeping in any of the locations mentioned above will reward the player with the Productive Day achievement.

Tips for Achieving Productive Day


To earn the Productive Day achievement, consider these tips:

  • Don’t press any buttons so you don’t have to start over.
  • Set an alarm to return to the game when the time is up. Players will receive a notification when the achievement has been acquired.
  • Players can also put their PlayStation into power saving mode to complete the achievement without any issues.

Productive day achievement not working?


There are a couple of reasons why the Productive Day achievement may not work, such as:

  • The controller lost power.
  • The controller turned off.
  • Moving the analog stick on the controller.
  • Loss of Internet connectivity.
  • The PlayStation console entered rest mode.

Lost It is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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