How to skip the queue and manually install Windows 11 22H2

The first major update to Windows 11 is now rolling out with several new features and improvements. Microsoft today began the process of officially releasing Windows 11 version 22H2, which is now available to the public worldwide. While the official update notification may take a while for all eligible PCs to receive, you can also choose to manually install Windows 11 on your devices.

John Cable, vice president of Windows Program Management, Service and Delivery at Microsoft, confirmed that the release process for Windows 11 v22H2 will be similar to the latest updates, as the company will leverage its “well-established update systems and processes.”

This would result in a metered, staged rollout through Windows Update, meaning your device will only be notified to update when the data shows your device is ready for this new update. Cable added that the “team’s goal is to provide a quality upgrade experience.”

– Don’t forget to check the system requirements.

1- To install Windows 11 version 22H2, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Settings > To update & Securityand click windows To update.
  2. Select Search for updates to see if the new update is available for your PC.
  3. Once the update appears, click Download and install. Windows 11 version 22h2
  4. When it downloads, Microsoft will notify you to choose the right time to finish the installation and reboot your device.

2- Steps to download and install Windows 11 version 22H2 manually

The official release of Windows 11 v22H2 may take a while to finish. If you don’t want to wait, you can start the manual installation process without relying on Microsoft to notify you. If you are a Windows enthusiast and can’t wait to install Windows 11, you can manually install and update your machine to the new Windows 11 version 22H2. However, we advise our readers to wait at least a few weeks (if not months) before to install the latest version on your daily drivers.

Here’s how to install Windows 11 v22H2:

  1. Using the Update Assistant tool (via a Windows machine)
  2. Media creation tool
install windows 11

With the Upgrade Assistant, all you need to do is click the Download Now button, agree to the terms, and then click a few “Next” prompts to upgrade and install Windows 11. (Only two screenshots are shown here for Update Wizard, but the rest of the process is pretty straightforward).

windows 11 setup

3- How to install Windows 11 2022 Update using Media Creation Tool

To install Windows 11 v22H2 using the Media Creation Tool, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Windows 11 download page (link).

Step 2: Click on download now as shown in the screenshot above.

Step 3: Accept the license terms.

Step 4: In What do you want to do? page, select Create installation media for another PC and then choose Next.

Step 5: Or you can choose to upgrade your current PC, in which case Windows 11 will start downloading, and that’s it. This will start the update process and you can stop following the rest of this guide.

Step 6: For another PC, you will be prompted to select Language and Edition. Choose the details of the Windows 11 ISO you want to download. Once you’ve decided what you want to download, click next.

Step 7: Select the ISO file option and where you want to save it. This screen will ask you to choose between a usb drive and a ISO file. You can choose what you prefer. Don’t worry; actually, you won’t need to burn the ISO file to a DVD later. That’s just Microsoft being Microsoft.

Step 8: Click on next to start the download process.

The download process may take a while.

On a non-Windows device, the process is very easy…

    1. Click this link and scroll down to the last “Download” button. install windows 11 version 2022
    2. Click on windows 11 in Download Windows 11 disk image.
    3. Under Select product languagechoose your language > Confirm.
    4. Now you will get the link to download Windows 11 64-bit.

If you install this first major update for Windows 11 right away, be sure to let us know how your experience goes!

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