How to shoot in night mode on an iPhone

Want to take some decent low-light photos on your iPhone, but aren’t sure how? This is the easiest way to shoot in night mode on an iPhone.

All the latest iPhones have night mode, a feature in the camera settings that makes it easy for people to take great photos even in darker environments.

If you’re interested in whether your iPhone has Night Mode, check out our list below for all supported iPhones:

Now that you know which iPhones support the feature, be sure to read on to find out exactly how to use it. It’s also worth noting that the upcoming iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro will also feature night mode on the camera if anyone is thinking of upgrading.

What you will need:

We use an iPhone 12 Mini with iOS 15

the short version

  • Open the Camera app
  • Click on the arrow
  • Click the Night Mode button
  • Set night mode
  • Take a photo
  • Stay still
  • check your photo
  1. Step

    Open the Camera app

    Unlock your iPhone and open the Camera app to start the process.The Camera app on iPhone

  2. Step

    Click on the arrow

    Click on the little white arrow, it’s above the camera module and it’s in the middle. The arrow button on the iPhone camera

  3. Step

    Click the Night Mode button

    From the menu that appears at the bottom of the screen, click the Night Mode button. It looks like the moon and is the second button from the right. The night mode button on the iPhone

  4. Step

    Set night mode

    Just above the camera button will be a small adjustable timer for night mode. If you go to the left, it will turn off, although if you go to the right, you can choose a timer for Night Mode. Depending on the environment you are in, you will be offered Auto and a timer of one, two or three seconds. If you are already in a dark environment, your iPhone will automatically choose the setting that will work best. Adjust night mode on iPhone

  5. Step

    Take a photo

    Once you’re happy with the settings, click the camera button to capture the image. Take a photo on iPhone

  6. Step

    Stay still

    Stand still until the photo is taken so that night mode can work. If you move the camera out of focus when your photo may be blurry and not as detailed. You can watch the timer go off while the photo is being taken, but we recommend moving only when the photo has been saved to your album. Stand still while the photo is taken

  7. Step

    check your photo

    Please review your photo to make sure you are happy with it. Feel free to take another shot if you feel Night Mode hasn’t done enough. A photo taken with the iPhone 12 Mini in dark mode

Problem solving

Will night mode automatically activate in dark environments?

Yes, when you are in low light environment, the iPhone camera will automatically switch to night mode.

Can I activate night mode in very bright environments?

Yes, you can tweak the night mode settings within the camera app and use it even in brighter environments, though it’s unlikely to have much of an effect during the day and it might turn off automatically.

Do I need to stay still while taking a photo in night mode?

Yes, while the photo is being taken, you will need to stand still. This will take one to three seconds, and a cross on the screen will show how much you have moved while taking the photo.

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