How to share your photo albums with iCloud

This is the easiest way to share your photos with family and friends using iCloud.

If there’s one thing Apple users will be familiar with, it’s iCloud, the company’s cloud computing and storage service that allows users to save and store photos, notes, passwords, and other data in a secure location.

And one of the other benefits of iCloud is that users can use it to send photos and data to each other, making it easier for Apple users to communicate. It’s worth noting that for this to work, users will need to make sure Shared Albums is turned on. To access Shared Albums, simply go to Settings, click your user ID, and then select Photos under the iCloud section.

If you’re interested in how you can share photos with friends and family via iCloud, be sure to read on.

What you will need:

the short version

  • Open the Photos app
  • Click the Plus symbol
  • Tap New Shared Album
  • name the album
  • Click Next
  • Add the contacts you want to send it to
  • Click Create
  • Click on the album you just created
  • Tap on the largest symbol
  • Select the photos you want to share
  • Write a message
  • press release
  1. Step

    Open the Photos app

    Unlock your iPhone and click on your Photos app to start the process. Photos app from iPhone

  2. Step

    Click the Plus symbol

    Click on the blue Plus symbol, it is located in the upper left corner of the screen. Add new button on photos

  3. Step

    Tap New Shared Album

    Of the three options presented in the drop-down menu, click New Shared Album. New shared album in Photos

  4. Step

    name the album

    Give the album you are creating a name, as this will help keep your photos organized and show your friends and family what the album will mean. Name the new album

  5. Step

    Click Next

    Once you have named the album, click the blue Next button. Named album by clicking Next

  6. Step

    Type the name of the contacts you want to add to this album. You can add as many people as you like, though to send the message you’ll need to make sure you add people who are Apple users, as it won’t work for Android users. Add contacts to send photos to

  7. Step

    Click Create

    Click the blue Create button to continue. The Create Album button

  8. Step

    Click on the album you just created

    Click the album you just created again to add photos to it. Bigger button on the new album

  9. Step

    Tap on the largest symbol

    Click the big blue Plus symbol on the screen. Bigger button on the new album

  10. Step

    Select the photos you want to share

    Select all the photos you want to share in your new album. Select the photo you want to share

  11. Step

    Write a message

    Write a message to accompany your photos if you wish. You can leave this space blank if you don’t want to write anything. Write a message if you want

  12. Step

    press release

    Hit the blue Post button to post and share your album with people in your contact list. Final stage of sharing your album

Problem solving

Can I share my iCloud with people on an Android device?

You can share iCloud photos with people who don’t use an Apple device, though the method will look different than the one shown here since iCloud was created with the idea of ​​sharing across Apple devices and not Android.

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