How to set up Google Pixel Watch

Google Pixel Watch is one of the most popular smart watches currently available on the market. It comes with a wide range of features designed to help users stay connected and productive.

Google’s product is both attractive and functional. It is made with top quality materials and is available in two sizes (130-175mm and 165-210mm).

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The smartwatch comes with an AMOLED display, NFC, Gorilla Glass, and many more features. It is also available in a variety of colors (matte black stainless steel case/obsidian active strap, polished silver stainless steel case/active carbon strap, polished silver stainless steel case/chalk active strap, and gold stainless steel case). champagne/hazel active strap).

The Pixel Watch has many sensors, including an accelerometer, gyroscope, and altimeter. It also has a heart rate monitor, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

The smartwatch can make and receive calls, read and reply to messages, and track fitness goals. In addition, it is compatible with the Google Assistant, which helps users to interact with the device using their voice. Its only compatibility requirement is a device running at least Android version 8.0 or later.

You need to download the Google Pixel Watch app before setting up the smartwatch

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Follow the steps below to set up your Google Pixel Watch:

  • Turn on your Google Pixel Watch. A notification will appear asking you to download the Google Pixel Watch app on your smartphone. Continue with the download.
  • Open the app. A pairing code will appear on both devices.
  • Verify the code and click ‘Confirm’. This will pair your smartwatch with your smartphone.
  • Check the required boxes in the Terms and Conditions menu and click on the ‘I Agree’ option. It is recommended to keep all the boxes checked.
  • Allow the permission of the nearby device using Bluetooth.
  • Allow the app to manage the smart watch.
  • Select the Google account you want to sign in with or skip.
  • Select the ‘I agree’ option on the additional legal terms page. This will successfully connect your smartwatch to your smartphone.
  • Select the wrist you want to wear the watch on. Click Next’.
  • Set up the Google Assistant app by following the onscreen instructions or click skip.
  • Select the type of security to set on your smartwatch.
  • Click ‘Next’ and follow the onscreen instructions to set up Google Wallet or skip.
  • Select the apps to install on your smartwatch and click ‘Continue’. You can also choose to install the apps later.
  • The setup will be completed and the smartwatch will reboot.

After restarting, follow the instructions (and walkthrough) on the screen to understand how to use the smartwatch.

With the Google Pixel Watch app on your smartphone, you can customize your watch face, add apps to your smartwatch, and adjust settings for notifications, fitness tracking, and more. However, you will need additional apps to use some of the features provided by the smartwatch.

After following these steps, the Google Pixel Watch will be ready to use. With your smartwatch set up, you can now stay connected and active on the go.

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