How to schedule an email on your iPhone with iOS 16

  • In iOS 16, you can schedule an email in the Mail app on your iPhone to send whenever you want.
  • To schedule an email, touch and hold the Send button to view scheduling options.
  • Your iPhone must be on at the time the email is scheduled to be sent.

Not all emails need to be sent right away, or even sent, which is why many mail apps offer a way to send emails at a later time. Starting with iOS 16, Apple allows you to schedule an email for later on your iPhone using the standard Mail app. This way, for example, you can send an email during normal business hours, even if you wrote it late at night or over the weekend.

How to schedule an email on the iPhone

To schedule an email, your iPhone must be running iOS 16 or later. Check your iOS version and update your iPhone if necessary. After that, you are ready to schedule emails for later.

1. Start the Mail app

two. Compose your email as you normally would, complete with recipient, subject, and message.

3. When you’re done with the email and ready to send it, touch and hold the Send icon (the big blue arrow). You will see a popup menu.

Send an email in Mail for iPhone.

Touch and hold the Send button to see your scheduling options.

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Four. Choose when you want to send the message.

Apple gives you a few quick pick options, including Send 9:00 pm tonight Y Send tomorrow at 8:00 am. If you want to choose a custom time, touch Send it later… and you can choose the date and time from a calendar view, then touch Done.

The Send Later options in Mail for iPhone.

You can choose exactly when you want an email to be sent, regardless of when you write it.

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How to change the scheduled time before it is sent

After choosing your time, the email will be stored in the Mail app send it later mailbox. If you need to change when the email is sent, you can adjust the sending time up to the last minute.

1. In the Mail app, tap the behind arrow as needed to view the mailboxes page.

two. Play send it laterthen touch the scheduled email you want to edit.

The Mailboxes page in Mail for iPhone.

Open the Send Later mailbox to view your scheduled messages.

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3. In the gray bar at the top of the message that shows when the email will be sent, tap Edit.

Four. Change the send time, and then touch Done.

Scheduled email in Mail for iPhone.

Touch Edit to change the time a scheduled email is set to send.

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