How to save animated GIFs on mobile devices and computers

Maybe someone emailed you a birthday GIF that meant a lot. Maybe you found a dancing dog GIF that you just can’t stop looking at. Maybe you have a GIF image that you want to share with a friend for a laugh. Whatever it is, you can save an animated GIF to your computer or mobile device.

Some GIF websites provide you with a download option that makes saving a GIF simple. However, you may not have this option or you may be using your mobile device. Here, we will show you how to download a GIF on your various devices.

Find a download option

If you want to save animated images from a popular GIF website like Imgur, you can check out the download option on the site. This gives you an easy way to download and save GIF files on any device using a web browser.

In Imgur, select the GIF you want to save. Then use the three points at the top right of the GIF to choose Discharge.

You can then grab the GIF from your browser’s downloads folder.

Please note that some GIFs may be downloaded in a different format, such as MP4 or WEBP, depending on how they were uploaded to the website. If you prefer to save that file as a GIF, you can check out an online file converter.

Either way, it’s worth checking out a dedicated GIF site for your download option.

Save a GIF to your computer

If you find a GIF website without a download option like Tumblr or Gfycat, or just find a GIF you want to do a Google search for, you can still save it through a simple process.

When you see the GIF you want, right-click on it. On Windows or Mac, select Save Image As.

When the Save As dialog opens, choose a location to save the GIF, optionally rename it, and confirm the file format as GIF. Remember, JPG and PNG formats are not animated images, but static ones.

Select Save money and then go to the place where you saved it to open it.

Another right click option on Mac is Save image in downloads. This puts the GIF directly into your Downloads folder without going through the previous Save As dialog step.

View a GIF saved on your computer

You probably have a default photo or imaging tool on your computer. When you double-click the GIF, it will open in that app.

If you’re having trouble viewing the GIF animation, you can always open it in a web browser like Google Chrome or Safari.

Right click the GIF on Windows or Mac, choose To open withand choose the browser you want.

Save and view GIFs on your mobile device

Saving a GIF you’re viewing to your mobile device is similar to saving it to your computer. In most cases, you can tap, hold and select the Save option. Here are some examples.

On Android, we visit the GIPHY site and see the GIF we want. Tap, hold and choose Save Picture in the popup menu. then open google photosSelect Dischargeand you will see your GIF.

As another Android phone example, we see a GIF on Google that we like. Tap, hold and choose Download image. then open records > downloads and you will see that GIF as well as the one above.

On iPhone, we have a GIF that someone sent us in Messages. Tap, hold and choose Save money in the popup menu. Then open the Photos application, select the Animated album and view the GIF.

For another iPhone or iPad example, we want to save a GIF of Tenor. Tap, hold and choose Add to Photos. Open the Photos app and view the GIF on recent or the Animated album.

Mobile GIF Apps

Another great option for GIFs on Android, iPhone, and iPad is a dedicated GIF app. You can not only browse or search for an animated image, but also save it to your gallery or camera roll.

Websites like the ones mentioned here, GIPHY and Imgur, have accompanying mobile apps for GIFs on the go. You can also search Google Play or the App Store for additional options.

Hanging onto a GIF you see that you want to share with others on social media or just enjoy takes just a few simple steps that are worth your time.

Now that you know how to save a GIF you see, take a look at how to create your own GIFs. You can create a GIF from a video, create one with Photoshop CC, and also create one from a Live Photo on iPhone and Mac.

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