How to salvage equipment in Diablo 4

In devil 4, you will spend most of your time running around the Sanctuary and keeping powerful weapons and armor in your pockets. But you can only hold and use so much of that gear, and you’ll end up with a lot left over. Now you could sell this gear and add some weight to your bag. Or you could save it all to get a good crafting material.

In this Devil 4 guide, we are going to go over why it is important to recover the loot and how to do it.

Why should you rescue your team?

Crafting and upgrading equipment is a big part of devil 4. You’ll need special materials (as well as gold) to craft powerful new items, create legendary gear with skins, and upgrade your existing weapons and armor. And the only way to get these materials is to salvage the things you pick up on your journey.

Each rarity of item (Common, Magical, Rare, Legendary, etc.) consists of a different type of crafting material, which you can obtain by using the blacksmith to destroy equipment of that type, freeing up your inventory, and lining your bag with materials you’ll need. later.

Even if you’re not doing much crafting early in the game of devil 4, you will eventually use these materials for something when you are working on perfecting your build. And since you can acquire gold elsewhere, such as by killing monsters or riding across the open world on your mount by opening chests, it’s best to salvage all your items until you’re desperate for gold, need to respect your chosen class, or have built a good supply. of veiled crystals, pieces of iron and other craft components.

How do you save your team in Diablo 4?

Image: Blizzard Entertainment via Polygon

Once you’ve decided to split your fancy new loot into parts, all you need to do is find a blacksmith (indicated by an anvil on your map). You can find one in any major city and almost every small town.

When you talk to the blacksmith, you’ll be able to tell him exactly what you want to break down. If you only want to salvage a few specific items, use the hammer button in the blacksmith menu to choose individual weapons and armor pieces from his inventory. You can also choose to instantly salvage all types of a given item rarity (such as all rare items), and you can even tell the blacksmith to break down all the items currently in his inventory.

Hitting the “all items” button is definitely the fastest, but you’ll never be able to get any of your salvaged weapons back, so be sure before you hit “yes.” If you want to methodically manage your loot on the go, you can mark certain items in your inventory as “junk” which you can then easily sell or salvage the next time you’re in town without worrying that you’ve accidentally gifted a priceless upgrade.

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