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If players don’t like the team they start with at the start of NBA 2K23, requesting a trade is a tall order but more than possible.

While the players in NBA 2K23 they can’t pick the team they start their career with, they can request a trade later on once they start making a name for themselves in the NBA season. Depending on your goal, the process can get a bit tricky as it will require playing a few seasonal games. However, the steps are the same regardless, and proper preparation could allow players to be traded as they please.

Getting traded is one of the best ways to ensure players have the NBA career of their dreams. They can leave a team they aren’t happy with to play somewhere more aligned with their interests, or they can work towards being traded to play for their favorite teams alongside superstar players in NBA 2K23. Regardless of a player’s goals, requesting a trade can be a worthwhile endeavor, and fortunately, it’s easy.


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To request an exchange, go to the main menu and navigate to MyCareer. Then select the “Request a Trade” option. Once this is done, the game will ask players to wait three in-game days, which translates to five real-life minutes. After the wait, players will now be switched to a new team. It is important to know that players can increase their chances of being picked by a specific team by working to improve the teams interest rate. This can be accomplished by performing well in regular season games at NBA 2K23. It should also be noted that the trade will not be possible if neither team has an interest in them at the time of the request.

Considerations for requesting a trade in NBA 2K23

Before attempting to apply for a trade nba 2k23, players must take into account some considerations. First of all, players need to know that there is more than one way to trade. While playing well in seasonal games is the best way to get noticed by the players’ preferred teams, another option is to intentionally play poorly so that the players’ current team wants to trade them. The downside of this option is that players will be traded to a random team instead of a specific team when a trade is requested.

One more item to keep in mind is that if players want to be traded to a specific team, they should not select the position of a player who is already playing well on NBA 2K23. Unless the players are playing phenomenally at that specific position, the chance of the host team considering a trade will decrease. Players will have a better chance of playing for their preferred team if they select a position whose player has an average performance. Players should have no problem requesting trades with this new knowledge in NBA 2K23.

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