How to receive and respond to Gmail notifications on a Samsung Galaxy Watch

Want to view and manage your Gmail notifications on your Galaxy Watch? Here is how to do it.

Gmail notifications are disabled by default when you pair your Samsung Galaxy Watch with your phone. Also, Gmail doesn’t have a standalone app for WearOS. For these reasons, you will not be able to receive or reply to your emails from your watch.

If you want to access Gmail from your Galaxy Watch, you need to modify the app notification settings from within the Galaxy Wearable app. This is how you do it.

How to enable Gmail notifications in the Galaxy Wearable app

You must have Galaxy Wearable installed on your phone to seamlessly sync your Galaxy Watch with your phone. Follow these steps to start receiving Gmail notifications on your watch:

  1. Launch Galaxy Wearable and tap Clock settings.
  2. Tap notifications And go to app notifications.
  3. To locate gmail from the list of available apps and turn on their notifications.
  4. You can now start receiving email notifications on your watch.

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How to reply to Gmail from your Galaxy Watch

Now that you’re getting Gmail alerts on your watch, it’ll be possible to reply to your emails without taking out your phone. You can also delete emails after reading them on your Galaxy Watch by following these steps:

  1. Open the Gmail notification on your Galaxy Watch.
  2. Just below your email, write your response in the Message field.
  3. hit the Send icon to send your message.

If you want to delete the received email, open it, scroll down and touch the Delete and your email will be removed from your Gmail account. If you made the deletion by mistake, you can touch the button Undo of the email deletion alert on the next screen.

How to enable notifications for all apps on your Galaxy Watch

Not all apps will send notifications to your watch by default. You have to adjust this setting yourself. You can do it one by one like we did in the previous steps for Gmail or just enable notifications for all apps at once. Follow these steps:

  1. Open Galaxy Wearable and tap Clock settings.
  2. Tap notifications And go to app notifications.
  3. Turn on app notifications to All applications.
  4. You can start disabling any apps you don’t want to send notifications to your watch afterward.

Keep track of your email on your Galaxy Watch

You can easily keep track of your important Gmail emails on your Galaxy Watch and reply to them quickly. Managing email clutter will also be made easier by having the ability to delete them as soon as you open them on your Galaxy Watch.