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A lot of planning and money goes into a wedding and there are many things that can go wrong as well. NBC4 responds to a Virginia couple’s missing wedding photos.

High school sweethearts Gloria and Alberto Alejos got married on August 14, 2021, and even though their wedding budget was tight, they knew hiring a good photographer was a priority.

“You always want to remember those photos and those videos, so you can say, ‘My God, I remember this, this is a great night,’” Gloria Alejos said.

She then found a photographer who seemed like the perfect match for the couple’s needs. The photographer was cheaper compared to others and had good photos.

Alejos said he signed the contract for $2,800 and the wedding package included an engagement session, a five-minute video and a digital gallery of all the edited photos.

“I got all my engagement photos… they all came out great,” Alejos said.

When it came time to get her wedding photos, she thought she was supposed to get them six months after the wedding, but that didn’t happen.

Whenever he contacted the photographer, Alejos said there was always an excuse, like pneumonia, COVID, and a car accident. He even threatened to contact a lawyer, but the photographer has still not released all the photos and the five-minute video.

“It has been a bit stressful because I have, not only my husband but my family and my friends, they ask me for photos, they ask me how they look and videos, but I have nothing to share. nothing to give,” Alejos said.

Tired of waiting, the couple reached out to NBC4 Responds for help.

News4 read the contract and noted that there was no deadline on when the photographer had to deliver the photos or video, even though Alejos said he was verbally told it would take six months.

The contract had a limited liability clause that said the photographer would have to repay the money already paid if “images were not delivered for any reason.” Alejos said he never received a refund or an explanation for the missing photos.

The photographer told NBC4 that she had to focus on getting her health back after a car accident. She also said that she recently hired an assistant of hers to help her with the business and that she would contact Alejos to give him the photos of her and the finished video.

The wedding photos arrived just in time for the Alejos’ first wedding anniversary.

“I am very grateful that you did, because without you, I would not have been able to get my photos or my videos for my wedding,” Alejos said.

To avoid problems with wedding photography:

  • Read the contract. If there is no deadline for delivery of your wedding photos or video, please request it in writing.
  • Hire a photographer that your friends have used before and liked.
  • Make sure you have permission to post the photographer’s images on social media, most are copyrighted and could cost you money if you don’t credit them.
  • Have a backup plan. Appoint a friend to take some photos and videos at your wedding.

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