How to Preload Diablo 4: Platforms, Expected Size, and Everything We Know

Published: 2023-05-24T12:03:33

Updated: 2023-05-24T12:03:41

Diablo fans will be returning to Sanctuary to take on Lilith when Diablo 4 arrives in June, and here’s everything you need to know about its preload so you can play as soon as the game launches.

Diablo 4 finally arrives on June 6, 2023, bringing back fan-favorite classes in a new campaign. Players can get early access by purchasing the Ultimate Edition, but if you can’t wait to take on Ashava and Lilith, you might be wondering if you can pre-load the game.

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Here’s everything we know about the Diablo 4 preload, including the date, expected file size, and platforms.

Can you preload Diablo 4?

Yeah, you can pre-download Diablo 4 ahead of its full release on June 6, 2023. While a pre-load for June 2 Early Access hasn’t been announced yet, it’s likely.

When is Diablo 4 preload?

The Diablo 4 preload date has yet to be revealed, but Rod FergusonGeneral Manager of Diablo, confirmed that will confirm the preload date during the week of May 22, 2023.

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Fergusson also confirmed that “more cool partnerships” will be announced and “another new trailer” will be released alongside the preload date reveal.

How to Preload Diablo 4

Once the preload date has been announced, follow these steps to preload Diablo 4 on your platform of choice:

personal computer

  1. Visit the website to install the launcher if you have not already downloaded it.
  2. Launch
  3. Pre-order Diablo 4.
  4. Gonna Games > All Games.
  5. Click on devil 4 and open your menu page.
  6. Gonna game version and select Diablo IV.
  7. Start the download.


  1. Launch the Xbox store and pre-purchase Diablo 4.
  2. Open the Xbox app.
  3. Look up Diablo 4.
  4. Select Download to console.

game station

  1. Go to the PlayStation Store and pre-order Diablo 4.
  2. Head over to the Library section and find Diablo 4.
  3. Select ‘Preload’ to start downloading Diablo 4 before its release.
Rogue Class in Diablo 4 TrailerSnow storm

Diablo 4 preload gets you playing right out of the box.

Diablo 4 preload platforms

Diablo 4 arrives PC, PlayStation, Xbox Series X|S, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox Oneand the preload should be available for all these platforms.

What is the Diablo 4 preload file size?

While the full file size for the Diablo 4 preload is unconfirmed as of this writing, the PC requirements confirm that you will need at least 90GB to download the game.

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While this is likely to change from platform to platform, expect a fairly large preload around the 90GB mark.

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