How to play Splatana Wiper

The Splatana wiper blade is one of the new weapons you can get in Splatoon 3. It’s a lot simpler than the other new weapon, the Tri-Stringer, but it’s still a lot of fun. However, it may not be as clear how to get the most out of the weapon.

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We’ve talked before about Splatana Wiper and how it needs more work to be viable. If you are still determined to master the weapon, then this guide is for you.


What is the Splatana wiper blade?

The Splatana Wiper is the basic weapon in the new Splatana class, a melee class that looks like a sword. The Splatana Wiper can send slashes from a distance with a swing of the weapon. It can also be charged up for a stronger slash that can pierce through enemies. When using the charged version of the bar, moving forward will cause you to do a dash to help close some distance.

The Splatana wiper kit includes the Torpedo Secondary weapon and ultra seal Special weapon, which will be covered in depth later. This weapon is used to kill effectively at various distances. We will go over every aspect of the weapon and the purposes they serve.

Primary Weapon: Damage and Uses

The Splatana Wiper’s uncharged horizontal slashes deal 30 damage and can be fired fairly quickly. The weapon itself can also hit enemies for 15 damage. With this, attacking an enemy directly in front of you will deal 45 damage. The charged slash deals 60 damage and fires vertically. However, if you are close, you can hit them with the weapon itself, dealing 120 damage and killing them in one hit. Charged Shot also stacks quickly.

The best strategy for this weapon is to use the horizontal and charged slashes in combos while keeping a certain distance. You can use the charged slash first and then finish off an enemy with two horizontal slashes. You can also use two charged slashes to kill, but two charged slashes in a row leave openings for the enemy to close in on. Also, when you use the charged bars, the dash forward makes using another charged bar take a while. more time, so be careful with that.

If you’re looking to get up close and personal with your opponents, you’ll need to be careful, especially if you want to kill in one hit. swimming slowly in your ink is a way of taking them by surprise, as doing so won’t cause you to splash. You can only get so close by doing this, as opponents will usually cover ink that isn’t theirs. Another way is to use whatever stage you are in to your advantage. See a corner you can sneak around? A wall you can Squid Surge over? Use these for catch your opponents by surprise.

The horizontal bars of the Splatana Wiper are decent for staining grass. Like the Tri-Stringer, its horizontal cuts leave the path it travels uneven. However, considering that he can shoot them very quickly, it’s not a big deal. Loaded cuttings, however, cover the ground very well. Try to use the loaded bars to ink a way forwardwhile using the horizontal bars to ink anywhere else.

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Secondary Weapon: Torpedo

The torpedo is a secondary weapon that focuses on an enemy. Once it makes contact with an enemy or hits the ground, it will explode and deal 60 damage. The explosion will cause eight small paintballs to scatter from the center, each of which will explode and deal 12 damage. Alternatively, you can throw the bomb directly onto a surface so it doesn’t get close to an opponent. It will still deal 60 damage in the center, but you won’t get the extra paintballs this way. The downside of this secondary weapon is that it can be destroyed by opponents while in the air.

Other than that, the Torpedo is a great secondary weapon to the Splatana wiper. It’s provides a valuable distraction for the enemy that allows you to close the distance a little safer. They will have to focus their aim on the Torpedo and take it down if they don’t want to take the damage, which gives you a chance to damage them with your slashes. Try throwing the Torpedo to the left or right side of an enemy and get close to them while destroying them.

It also provides you with a different combo chance — if the Torpedo hits the target. Being as powerful as a charged slash, you can throw one and hit an opponent with a charged slash for the kill that way. Alternatively, you can launch a Torpedo and opt for the horizontal bars. In this case, think of Torpedo as a different option than charged bars.

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Special Weapon: Ultra Seal

The Ultra Stamp special weapon gives you a giant hammer that you can hit enemies. By holding down the attack button, you can move forward while hitting the hammer multiple times. Deals 100 damage to enemies that are hit directly, while those nearby take 40 damage from the hammer. shock wave. You can also swing the hammer with a somersault if you use it in the air. Alternatively, you can throw the hammer in an arc by pressing the R button, dealing 220 damage to anyone in its path, as well as 30-60 damage to anyone caught indirectly in the splash.

The Ultra Stamp is also great for the Splatana Wiper. Help the gun by helping you get out of tight places. When cornered, the Splatana wiper can protect you from frontal enemy attacks (although a variety of weapons can overcome this, such as magazines or other weapons with longer range). The Ultra Stamp also adds to the Splatana Wiper’s abilities, allowing you to effectively take out more enemies by mowing through enemy lines. Try to use the Ultra Stamp to invade the enemy base and allow your team to advance while they chase you.

The Splatana Wiper, despite being a simple melee weapon, allows you to kill enemies in a variety of ways. While other weapons will have you finding success keeping yourself safe, this is one where you will have to get your hands dirty and take risks. Once you get the hang of using your bars and Torpedo correctly, you won’t have any problems with the Splatana Wiper.

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