How to play experimental on Xbox and PC?

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DayZ has a testing area called the Experimental Stage, where you can play and try out upcoming updates before release. In this article, we will tell you how to download and play the Experimental version of DayZ on console and PC.

What is it about? The new DayZ update 1.19 is just around the corner with cool new features. But if you want to play the next new content before then, you’ll need to switch to the experimental servers. But how can you play DayZ in Experimental? We’ll show you how.

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Play DayZ Experimental on PC and Xbox. What about PlayStation?

What do you have to consider? You can only play DayZ Experimental on Xbox and PC. Sony is known to not be a big fan of unfinished content, so you won’t be able to pre-test the next update on PlayStation. Xbox and PC are the only platforms you can play DayZ Experimental on.

How to play DayZ Experimental on PC?

You can find the experimental version of DayZ for PC on Steam. When you buy the game, you will not only get the base game, but also the test environment mentioned above.

Install DayZ Experimental on PC:

  • Go to your Steam Library
  • Search for ‚ÄúDayZ Experimental
  • Click on install.
  • Once the game is downloaded, you can launch the Launcher and click Play. Once in the game, only
  • you need to find a server in the server browser and join it.

How to play DayZ Experimental on Xbox?

On Xbox you have to do things a little differently: here, you won’t get an experimental version of DayZ in your game library. Instead, you will need to download the test environment from the store.

Install DayZ Experimental on Xbox:

  • Go to the Xbox store
  • Look for “DayZ Experimental” here too.
  • On the store page, you will find the “Download” button in the upper right corner. this will only be
  • is shown if you have DayZ.
  • Then download the version and click “Play”.
  • On Xbox, now you just need to select a server and the DayZ Experimental fun can begin.

What’s in the latest DayZ 1.19 update?

Among other things, a new vehicle, a new sniper and various items of clothing have been added to the game. However, the biggest changes are the revised Livonia map, which includes underground bunkers and new vehicle physics. However, the new Livonia, including the bunkers, is only playable on PC! Unfortunately, the Xbox version of DayZ’s experimental servers will come without a map overhaul at the moment. All additional content about the upcoming DayZ update can be found here: DayZ: All Developer Stream Update 1.19 Information

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