How to manage and update your inventory

Farming sims fans love it stardew valley for the level of depth it offers beyond its routine mechanics. Players can not only plant and harvest crops, but also discover new resources, upgrade their facilities, and even expand their knowledge on other skill sets. with the many things stardew valley players can do, their inventory space can often run out much faster than they expect.

While it’s a bit overwhelming at first, managing and upgrading one’s inventory space at a time stardew valley It’s Not Complex With the right mindset and tips, fans can collect and manage their favorite items without damaging their backpacks.


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What is inventory?

the Inventory, or the player’s backpack, consists of the items he is currently carrying and has not stored in special storage locations on the map. Interestingly, this section of the game doesn’t necessarily have “Inventory” as its name. It is accessible along with the rest of the game menu. Players can view their entire inventory by accessing the menu and selecting the leftmost tab.

the hot bar

Unlike other games where a hotbar on the HUD is dedicated to the player’s abilities, stardew valley instead, assign players a quick access bar to help with your inventory management. The quick access bar consists of the first row of 12 items that players have access to in their inventory.

Players can directly access hotbar items by scrolling the scroll wheel or pressing the number key corresponding to that slot. The Hotbar is commonly recommended for tools, weapons, consumables, or even gifts like Universal Loves for Villagers of stardew valley.

Quick access bar shortcuts

Players can expand the utility of Hotbar through shortcuts and special in-game tips. Knowing this can allow players to further customize their stardew valley experiment and optimize the way your character works.

  • Tab: Pressing Tab while playing on PC will rotate the next available Inventory row to the top row, effectively turning this row into the hotbar. This means that players don’t necessarily need to open their Inventory every time they need to access a non-hotbar item, like a gift tab for stardew valley romances
  • Reassignment: Players can simply go to the Options menu to remap their hotbar keys.

inventory slots

Directly below the hotbar are additional inventory rows where players can drop items. This is the main player-based storage option for characters. Items stored here can be carried, dropped, used, or given to villagers.

While it’s perfectly possible to store all of the items players have in various storage boxes, it’s imperative that players use their inventory for events that involve item transfers. These include gathering special resources or even providing gifts to other characters that require players to put those gifts in their inventory.

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inventory options

On the inventory menu screen, players have a few inventory-related options that they can select. These include:

  • golden scroll: Located in the upper right corner, selecting this option allows the player to view Community Center packages and see if any of the items in their inventory can be used to complete them. Please note, however, that items still need to be delivered to the building itself.
  • auto sort, located under the Golden Scroll, it will organize a player’s inventory for them.
  • Trash can: Located on the right, players can drag an item here for permanent removal.

Inventory Shortcuts

In addition to being a nifty way to access important pieces of in-game character information, the Inventory also has shortcuts that players can use to enhance their collecting experience.

  • Drag and drop: Players can drop an item from the inventory by selecting it and dragging it out of the inventory. However, doing so near a body of water may cause the item to fall off and be permanently lost.
  • Shift + click: Doing this with any stack or inventory items in the bottom two rows will move them to the top row of Inventory. This is useful if players want to sell high stardew valley crops in a single session.
  • The right button of the mouse: Using this option on an item stack will allow the player to remove a single item from it, splitting the stack into two. This can be useful for storing or selling, if the player doesn’t want to store/sell all the items in a stack.

Inventory update

When the players start stardew valley for the first time have access to only the first row of elements. Putting items here places them directly on the player’s hotbar, giving them immediate access to these items for the duration of the game. Fortunately, players have several opportunities to upgrade their inventory and expand the number of items they can carry throughout the game, which is useful for stressful situations such as fighting monsters in stardew valley mines.

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Players have access to upgrade options for their inventory from the start of the game. This can be acquired by purchasing the stardew valley inventory updates at Pierre’s General Store. The game offers two options to expand your inventory, which comes in the form of two special backpacks:

  • Large pack (red), 2000 g: This gives players access to another 12 slots, expanding their inventory to 24 slots.
  • Deluxe Pack (Blue), 10,000g: This expands the player’s inventory by another 12 slots, giving them full access to all 36 item slots the game offers.

management tips

Players who always find their inventory full while exploring stardew valley you may not be optimizing your inventory correctly. Not taking the time to organize storage can result in players lacking the space needed when acquiring rare items. They may even have to throw away some valuables simply because of a lack of planning. These include situations where NPCs like the stardew valley The mage may want to give players special items. To avoid these circumstances, players may want to consider a few management tips to ensure they are not caught off guard by their inventory.

Use chests everywhere

Similar to inventory systems in other games, chests in stardew valley they serve as additional storage options for players. They are easy to craft as the recipe is available from the start of the game and only requires 60 wood. Chests have the following properties:

  • They can carry 36 types of items. Each item can be stacked up to 999 times; if more items of the same type are placed in the chest, a new stack will be created.
  • Items do not break down when stored inside a chest.
  • Empty chests return to inventory if hit by any tool or hand.
  • Empty chests are pushed or jumped (if there is an obstacle) one tile to the nearest valid space away from players when hit repeatedly.

Thanks to chests, players can store relevant items and resources, and do not have to throw them away. While players may have gotten used to putting their chests on their farm, players can use chests more when they are placed in strategic locations. around Stardew Valley, especially when getting season-specific information stardew valley items. However, players must remember that NPCs will destroy chests if they walk through them. Here are ideal locations for chests outside the farm:

  • Las Minas, next to the Elevator: Essential for mining, players don’t need to waste energy and travel far just to store their newly mined items.
  • 1 Willow Lane, along the opposite bank of the river: Essential for those who want to catch the Gold Catfish, this allows players to store and discard unwanted fish quickly.
  • Blacksmith, outside: Players hoping to craft items can store their collected artifacts and geodes near Clint’s shop for easy access.
  • Fishmonger, outside: Players who spend a lot of time fishing may want to place a chest right outside the fish market to easily scrap and sell items.

The drop or the container

Because different players have different priorities, they may always want to drop an item or discard it entirely via the Trash or Trash feature. While the two options seem interchangeable at first glance, it’s important to understand their benefits and implications, especially when it comes to seasonal items. Here are some things to consider:

  • Deposit: When players place items in the bin, they immediately get rid of those items. Players should only do this with items that they feel no longer have sale or gift value.
  • Dripping: When players drop an item from the Inventory, they simply appear on the ground. Unless interacted with, the item remains where it was dropped. This allows players to pick it up again once they’ve made room in the inventory, perhaps by eating food, giving a gift, or placing something in a chest.

Optimal Consumption, Elimination, Sale

Since all items in the game can be carried like in other farming sims, it is important for players to understand that both quest items and consumables will take up the same inventory slot. There are no special slots assigned for these items. As such, players should consider the way items work when consumed when planning their inventory management.

  • Consider which batteries to sell: Players can sometimes make more profit by selling multiple stacks of low-quality items compared to a small stack of high-value items.
  • Consume items from the bottom stack: When consuming, players must eat or drink the item that will empty the stack. In this way, they get the benefits of the consumable, as well as an additional inventory space.

stardew valley was released in 2016 and is currently available for PC, macOS, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and PS Vita.

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