How to Make Star Coins Fast – Disney Dreamlight Valley

You’re going to need a Scrooge-sized portion of Star Coins to get to Disney Dreamlight Valley. Here’s how to make some quick money.

There are many things that drive Disney Dreamlight Valley. There’s friendship, there’s camaraderie, but you’ll also need a lot of money (in-game currency, at least for now). Disney Dreamlight Valley is powered by Star Coins. It is the currency of the country and is accepted almost everywhere. Taking a village from the depths of darkness into a shining beacon of positivity doesn’t come cheap, so here’s a quick guide on how to make Star Coins fast.

How to Make Star Coins Fast – Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are a few ways to earn Star Coins quickly in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Handfuls of Star Coins are one of the incentives to increase friendship levels, as most characters will offer a modest sum to be their friend. However, the rewards of 500 and 1,000 Star Coins aren’t enough, not when old Scrooge McDuck asks for staggering amounts of gold to upgrade the shop, and more importantly, when expanding his inventory costs an arm and a leg. Here are some quicker ways to scoop up some dough.

1. Mine for gems

Gem Sale at Goofy's Stand at Disney Dreamlight Valley
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Find mining deposits sitting along the sides of most of the town. Most of the time, these will contain precious gems like garnet, topaz, aquamarine, and more. Bright variants of these gems will be worth even more. Take your gems to Goofy’s stall and sell them for a penny. You’ll be surprised how quickly this adds up, but be careful with your energy levels. You may have to go in and out of your house to recharge.

2. Harvest fruits and vegetables as often as possible

Raspberry Harvest at Disney Dreamlight Valley
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Fruits not only help keep your energy level up so you can keep running around town, but they are also worth money. Individually, *a* the apple is not worth much. *A lots of* the apples will sell for good money. Harvest any fruit you see. Sometimes you will even get lucky and get extra fruits. Once you get over 50 of any fruit or vegetable, it will move to another slot. Inventory space is valuable, so here’s what to do with all that fruit. Take it to Goofy’s stand, select the full “50” of any excess fruit or vegetables you have, and sell it for a good amount. You can earn thousands of Star Coins at a time through this method and that number will only increase as you find new crops in later areas.

3. Visit rare fishing spots

Different parts of the town will have blue and gold circles sitting inside bodies of water. Those are the places that hide rare fish. While a lobster or squid can help you whip up something exotic at Chez Remy, it can also earn you a few extra bucks at Goofy’s stand. Sell ​​your rare fish and you will get thousands of Star Coins every round.

4. Invest wisely

Collecting fish from Moana's fishing boat at Disney Dreamlight Valley
Source: SamaGame

No, we’re not talking about stonks. scrooge is not that relentless.

Instead, we are talking about investing in the people. Specifically, he pours money into Moana’s boat and WALL-E’s garden. The upgraded ship and garden will produce a larger number of items, and sometimes those items will be of a rarer quality. You will reap the rewards of your investment at Goofy’s stand.

The best part about this method is that it doesn’t cost much to upgrade your boat and garden. If you’ve saved up enough Star Coins from the steps above, you should have more than enough to substantially power up the boat and garden. Make sure you collect what they give you each day (in the case of Moana’s boat, it should have fresh fish every few hours) and you’ll have a steady stream of income.

Those are some tips on how to collect Star Coins fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You won’t have enough cash to open a money box like Scrooge, but it’s a start. Keep it Shacknews, as we continue to dive into Disney Dreamlight Valley for more guides.

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