How to Make Friends in I Was a Teenage Exocolonist

Most civilization simulators focus primarily on gathering and managing resources or creating military strategy. I was a teenage exocolonistHowever, it is more personal. While the game feels like a card battle RPG at some points, it turns into a dating game at others. But that’s the interesting part of I Was a Teenage Exocolonist: You get to be a Teen.

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Considering that this game is about adolescence, relationships are an important part. Building friendships and making romantic connections are here, of course. However, you will also form bonds that will affect the well-being of the colony and affect the adult you will become. In Teenage Exocolonist, relationships are tracked with dots. These are the basic concepts behind this system.


How do the relationship points work?

Relationship Points track the ties you share with various members of the exocolony, including your friends, parents, and authority figures.. However, they are more relevant to navigating your relationships with your fellow teens. You can earn or lose relationship points every time you spend time with someone, be it at school, work, or in story events.

Forming strong bonds with others produces many benefits. For example, characters with high relationship points will trust you with more life details. Plus, you can witness new stories and unlock perks like unique memory cards from these experiences.

How can I build relationship points with another person?

Building relationship points is easy. If you want to get closer to someone, spend more time with them. And if you miss opportunities to be with them, give them gifts to remind them that you care. Lastly, pay attention to your interests so you can make decisions that align with your preferences and values.

School/work activities

Most, if not all, of the monthly activities in the colony shape your bonds with one person or another. So, if there’s a character you want to know more about, do activities that reward relationship points for said character.

Suppose you want to earn relationship points with Tangent. In this case, you must participate in Engineering Wing Activitiessuch as class or infirmary, which grant a relationship point with Tang after completion.

In addition, the monthly activities often activate short scenes where you can share bonding experiences with others. For example, in one scene, he can get a relationship point with Tang after succeeding in a Life Sciences group project.

Lastly, earning relationship points isn’t the only goal of engaging in activities similar to those you befriend. These activities also develop skills that will help you relate to other characters. Consider the Tang example from earlier. If you develop your reasoning skills in engineering class, you will unlock new conversations with her. In turn, these conversations reward new memory cards.

daily interactions

Daily interactions are another handy method of earning relationship points. For example, whenever a friend has something to share with you, a speech bubble will appear above their head. If you ignore these bubbles and rush to the next monthly activity, you’ll miss important moments between you and that character.

Giving gifts

Did you know that you can gift the collectibles you collect in the colony and buy from the supply depot? You can gift a collectible to someone once per season. However, unless you know the person very well, there is a chance that they will decline your gift, costing you relationship points.

Gift-giving involves some trial and error. Sometimes a random gift will be your friend’s favorite thing. At other times, you may give your friend a gift that has no value to him. Other times, you’ll give someone a present on their birthday! Still, each gift is another opportunity to learn more about your friends.

history events

The events of the story can affect your relationships with others. After all, you can’t expect to make decisions that everyone likes. Sometimes you will have to choose sides among friends or manage intense conflicts. In other cases, you will talk about something trivial with your group of friends that interests one person and displeases another. But ultimately, it’s essential to know that most decisions affect your relationships.

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Can you date in the game?

You can date other characters in I Was a Teenage Exo-Colonist. However, unlike other life simulation games where romance can be formed by spamming flirtatious actions, Teenage Exocolonist is more complex. So what can you expect in the field of dating?

The Content Warnings menu reads: “Throughout the game, your character will have a number of opportunities to become intimate with love interests. All cutscenes fade to black. These cutscenes are not available until your character is sixteen.” Then it is possible to form romantic relationships, including sexual ones.

Still, while it’s possible to form romantic relationships, it’s also challenging. Various characters in the game inevitably hang out together, so you can’t expect a courtship to blossom once your friendship reaches 100 points. Also, courting the individual characters in the game takes work. You will need to spend a lot of time in the same places as them, talk to them regularly, give them gifts, and learn about their likes and dislikes.

If you’re looking for an easy start to dating, avoid trying romance. Tammy, California, AnemoneY empty.

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