How to make Crudites and Ratatouille

An image shows crudites and the ratatouille plate as seen in Dreamlight Valley

Crudites (left) and ratatouille (right)
Screenshot: Gameloft/Disney/Kotaku

Most of the quests and tasks in Disney’s valley of dream light they’re pretty simple and straightforward, with characters like Goofy often telling you exactly what to do or how to do it. But there are a few exceptions, and they happen to be crudites and ratatouille. Instead of struggling like I did, let me tell you how to make these two simple dishes.

Released yesterday on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC, valley of dream light it’s surprisingly funny Mix of Animal Crossing, Stardew Valleyand Disney characters. And just like those life simulators, players will be able to meet different characters, give them gifts and help them with certain tasks. Two character-specific missions that could get you in trouble involve the iconic Mickey Mouse and my personal favorite, Remy the rat from the wonderful Pixar movie, Ratatouille.

how to make crudite

Let’s deal with Mickey’s quest line first, which involves you making him some fish sandwiches and crudites. Mickey, that shy old mouse, doesn’t give you the recipe for these two dishes, so you have to find out for yourself. Fish sammies aren’t too complicated to figure out, since you just cook some wheat and fish. You can buy wheat at Goofy’s stand or grow it yourself, and you can simply fish for wildlife. But the crudes stumped me and many others.

The thing is, we were all thinking too much. To make crudités in valley of dream light just place a single carrot in the pot and cook it. That is all. I know!

How to Make Ratatouille (The Dish, Not the Movie)

Next up is another recipe-based search that had me and others stumped online for a while. When you visit Remy and his kitchen, he will ask you to do some basic things, like wash the dishes with the shower for some reason. It also gives you some recipes to make.

But eventually, you are tasked with making the famous ratatouille dish. Chef Rat, however, only gives you vague instructions: “Tomatoes, three different cooked vegetables, and a spice.” Unlike the other meals you make in this questline, you have to use specific ingredients or you’ll end up making the wrong dish. You might be fooled into thinking that you have to cook the vegetables first and then somehow incorporate them into your meal, but no.

This is what you need to make this famous dish:

  • Tomatoes
  • Eggplant
  • Zucchini
  • Onion
  • Any herb (such as oregano or basil)

For me, it was Remy saying “tomatoes” that threw me off, as I figured I’d have to include at least two. But not. Just follow the recipe above and you are ready to go. And also fight the urge to call Remy a rat bastard, and take comfort in the thought that the reviewer might have a good childhood memory of him after your prolonged cooking-related suffering.

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