How to make crafts in Hokko Life

Do you love indie games with cozy environments, relaxed gameplay, and crafting mechanics? Then Hokko Life is the right game for you! For a moment, hokko life it was only available in early access but now it’s officially released and there’s a lot to learn as everything has been perfected over time.

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Crafting is one of the most complex features in the game. There are various types of objects and structures you can build and Hokko Life’s design tool is incredibly freeing and versatile, allowing players to let their minds and imaginations run wild.

The workshop

sally’s workshop it is one of the first shops that you will be able to unlock in the game along with it you will unlock the ability to craft. She has a few different crafting stations inside the workshop that you can use at will since you are the one doing all the hard work in the place.


While processing in Hokko Life, You will unlock the ability to create items from recipes and blueprints, you will also be able to design and paint items.. You can do all of this using the Crafting Station and Design Table.

crafting station

The crafting station is the first part of the workshop that you will have access to. Sally gives you permission to use it whenever you want. The crafting station is not as difficult to work with as it is with the design table. It’s very simple and works like any traditional crafting table in any other game: if you have a crafting recipe, you just have to walk up to it, interact with it, and craft it.

It’s at the Crafting Station that you’ll be able to craft and create more basic things, you can turn iron ore into steel for example, or logs into planks. You can make useful things like paint, dye, fences, and tools.

You can unlock more recipes for the Crafting Station by talking to villagers and asking them if they have any requests for you.sometimes they will ask you to make them a specific item and they will give you the recipes. Sally also sells recipes, just talk to her and select the “buy stuff” option.. More crafting recipes will become available in the Carpenter Shop as you progress through the game.

design table

The drawing table has different tools for players to unleash their creativity. Here players can freely paint and use shapes to create various objects as long as they follow the rules of each plane. There are three options in the layout table, here’s what they’re for:

  • Plan Book: if you select the Plan Book, you can see everything you have an existing design for and then you can create a standard version (a copy of Sally’s plan) or customize it
  • Backpack: if you select the Backpack, you can edit a design for something you already have in your backpack or you can make an exact copy of it
  • Flat: if you select the Blueprint, you can make your own version of any blueprint from the objects you already have in your Blueprint Book.

The Blueprint Book will be available during your first few days in the game, as you will need to build a bridge to get to the other side of the river. However, the same is not the case for the other two style options. If you’re wondering why you’ve already done so much in the game and they’re not available yet, then you should talk to your villagers more often.

You won’t get a particular quest that will give you access to these, you will slowly start using them as you play. It’s talking to villagers already in town that unlocks these features, they’ll ask you for certain things like fixing a broken item and changing the design of some furniture. These prompts will act as hands-on tutorials so you can understand how to work with all the features of Design Table.

Creation of new objects

Crafting your own items using a blueprint is the main draw of Hokko Life’s crafting system, it’s what makes it so much fun. By using this option, you can create whatever you want as long as you follow the rules of the blueprint..

Most plans only have one rule which is a maximum size restriction. However, other things, like lights, have certain requirements, in this case, for example, you will have to use a light bulb when creating one.

After unlocking the Blueprint option in the Design Table, you will be able to purchase parts packages at the Carpenter Shop (when you interact with Sally and ask her to sell you things).

Each pack sells different shapes and they also come in different materials. Then you can create whatever you want using these shapes, you can rotate them, resize them, add more. The possibilities are endless, you can mix packs and create all kinds of decorations for the town and your home.

Each time you use a shape in a part pack when creating an object, you will use one unit of the required material. Make sure you have enough of each material before you start creating.

City center

Downtown is all about creating and sharing your best designs. You can buy a ticket to visit the city center at the train station (don’t worry, it only costs 50 coins).

There you can upload your creations and have your own store or visit other people’s stores and download theirs.

Go to the center of the city and then enter the building in the middle of the city. You will see a blue elephant named Paula with an elevator behind her.

If you haven’t unlocked it yet, you need to keep progressing in the game. You will be able to visit the Hokko Life City Center right after you get all the available design features in the Workshop..

download items

Inside the central building, walk to the elevator and when choosing the floor you want to go to, select “my store” if you want to upload your designs; each player has their own floor. To share your designs, interact with one of several exhibitors and then select the “upload a creation” option.. Choose what to upload and display in your store. Give your store code to your friends or share it on the Hokko Life online forums to share your creations with the world.

By visiting your store, other players will be able to see what platform you are playing on, your username and your store code.

To exit your store, simply return to the elevator and select “exit to lobby”.


By using the elevator, you can also visit other people’s stores if you have their code. EITHER, you can see the best creations from the game displayed inside the building on the west side of downtown. It’s a great place to visit and meet the creators of Hokko and download their amazing items or even visit their shops.

Crafting Challenges

The western building is always worth a visit when you are in the city center. You can interact with the terminal inside the building to participate in the Creator’s Challenge that is taking place at that time.. Take a look at the topic to see if it sparks any interest in you. If so, you can try your best to make a themed design.

Just be sure to make a submission before the deadline. if you win then its The design will be displayed inside the building for all to see and players from all over the world will download your item to have it in their cities.

Downloading an item from Hokko Creator will send it to the player’s mailbox on the next game day.

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