How to make a book in Minecraft

A book is a useful item in Minecraft. It gives you insight, plays the main role in many crafting recipes, and most of all, it’s charming! Today, let’s see how to make a book in Minecraft in a few simple steps!

3 steps to make a book in Minecraft

#1 Get 3 Paper

Paper is a renewable resource in Minecraft that can be obtained in many ways, such as crafting, adventuring, or fighting. And the most efficient way to make paper in Minecraft is to use 3 sugar canes.

Shipwrecks, Fortresses, and Villages are the only 3 structures with chests that contain any paper. They have a fairly high probability of containing up to 12 documents.

#2 Get 1 Leather

Leather is also a renewable resource in Minecraft. Most of the time, you get leather directly from killing specific mobs. Passive mobs like Cows, Mushrooms, Llamas, Trading Llamas, Mules, Donkeys, and Horses drop 0-2 hides on death. And hostile hoglins only drop 0-1 leather on death. So it’s smarter to target passive mobs!

With the Plunder enchantment, the amount of leather dropped by mobs increases per enchantment level. Up to 5 hides per mob if you’re lucky!

Leather can also be obtained by fishing in Minecraft. With an unenchanted fishing rod, you will have a 1% chance to catch leather. And the chance is reduced by 0.2% for each Luck of The Sea enchantment level.

If you have any rabbit fur in your inventory (or in the mouths of nearby foxes), you can use 4 of them to craft 1 fur.

There are many other ways to get leather in Minecraft, but they are not that good. If the amount of leather you get is too low or the place to get it is too dangerous. Therefore, we recommend breeding passive mobs and constantly killing them for leather.

#3 Create a book

When you have 3 papers and 1 leather, simply press E to open your inventory. Then place them all on the crafting grid to craft 1 book. You can also use this recipe on a workbench if you prefer.

Other ways to get a book in Minecraft

#1 Venturing out and looting chests

Villages, Shipwrecks, Fortresses, and Ancient Cities are the four structures with chests that contain books in Minecraft. The more dangerous the structure, the more books you will get from each chest.

For example, village chests can only hold 1 book, while ancient city chests can hold up to 10 books. Ultimately, if you want to get books this way, try looking for as many shipwrecks as possible.

#2 Disenchanting enchanted books

If you happen to have any leftover enchanted books, you can put them in the Grindstone block to get a normal book and some experience points.

If you are in the village and have the Village Hero effect, the village librarian can throw a book at you. But this is quite difficult to achieve, so it is better to focus on the main form.

Frequent questions

What is the easiest way to get books in Minecraft?

The easiest way to get books in Minecraft is to craft them! With a large cow farm and an automatic sugar cane farm, you will have a sustainable amount of paper and leather. Therefore, you can create as many books as you want!

How many books do you need for level 30?

You will need 45 books for enchantment level 30. They are 45 leather and 135 paper.

How do you fish a book in Minecraft?

You can’t fish a book in Minecraft! You can only get enchanted books by fishing, which can be turned into normal books by putting them on the whetstone.

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