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Just over ten years ago, My week with Marilyn combined biographical information and the word of a personal assistant to delve into the private life of marilyn monroe (Michelle Williams). Taking this leap into the beauty icon’s psyche even further is Blondwhich is entirely based on Joyce Carol Oates‘ Fiction novel of the same name. While we take significant artistic liberties to understand women that we may never have really understood, andrew dominicThe film is a personal, comprehensive and worth seeing interpretation of the star’s journey to and through fame.

Blond follows Marilyn, originally known as Norma Jeane (Anne of Arms), from her troubled childhood to adulthood, where she transitions from modeling to film. Viewers are treated to everything the world expected to see from the star: sex appeal, scandal, paparazzi, and a trail of husbands. However, the audience gets a dark side of her story, full of abuse, violence, manipulation, drugs and mental illness. This is how you can watch the movie.


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When can I see Blonde?

Blond premiered at the Venice International Film Festival on September 8, 2022. The film began a limited theatrical release at the Paris Theater in New York City on September 16, 2022. On September 23, select theaters in the The United States and the United Kingdom will also present the film. Blond hits streaming on Netflix on September 28.

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What is Blonde’s rating?

Blond is rated with a rare NC-17 rating for some graphic sexual content. This rating means that only adult viewers, over the age of 18, will be able to enter theaters to see the film. An NC-17 label would surely cause a stir. Fewer than 100 films have been rated NC-17 since it was established separately from the X rating in 1990. Blond features a graphic rape scene and a vaginal point of view camera shot. Netflix was hesitant to release an NC-17 film, wanting the content cut to lower the rating to R, but director Dominik refused. Critics have questioned the controversial content. Blond includes and what it serves by sharing an interpretation of the Marilyn Monroe story. Both Dominik and the protagonist Armas have defended the content of the film, stating that it is necessary, raw and real. Armas, in particular, has not agreed with the qualification.

Netflix released the official trailer for Blond on July 28, 2022.

What have the creators said about Blonde?

Director of BlondAndrew Dominik considers this fresh film to be among his favorites among his works. Despite the controversy surrounding its NC-17 rating, content, and even the choice to cast Ana de Armas, he stands behind the film. He wrote Blond in 2008, and has remained dedicated to history ever since.

Blond it’s a movie for all the unwanted children in the world,” Dominik said, in an interview with Collider. “It’s like Citizen Kane Y raging bull I had a daughter.”

Blond It’s not just a movie about Marilyn Monroe. It is also an exploration of childhood trauma, how it affects adult life, and how this tragic combination in one person plays out in the spotlight. Dominik further expands on how Blond doesn’t exactly tell a movie star happy story:

“And it’s a tragedy. She’s kind of an unwanted child who becomes the most wanted woman in the world and has to deal with all the desire that’s directed at her and how confusing it is. It’s kind of a nightmare. It’s about being in a car with no brakes. It’s just going faster and faster and faster.”

The author of the source material, Joyce Carol Oates, praises Dominik for the Blond Film adaptation. According to Collider’s article on his comments, Oates is quoted as describing him as “a very brilliant director” who “dipped” into Marilyn’s perspective, rather than providing a cheap male gaze that objectifies a woman. Oates also approves of the casting for the title role, calling Ana de Armas a “wonderful actress”. Oates’s novel, also titled Blond, showed the exploitation of Marilyn Monroe by the film industry and how it so cruelly affected her life. Dominik’s film portrays this harrowing part of Monroe’s narrative, especially how powerful men take advantage of a girl with dreams.

How is the critical reception of Blond?

Collider Review of Blond, written by Brian Formo, describes the film as “a tinderbox of a movie; it’s beautiful, riveting, contemptuous, harrowing and extremely volatile” and a true film adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates’ book. According to Formo, the film is a traumatic piece that establishes Marilyn Monroe as a hopeful and desperate dreamer who, as she rises to stardom, loses her ingrained human identity as Norma Jeane. Furthermore, the abuse and violation of her beauty serve as a way of narrating her life. “It’s the most shocking body horror movie of the year,” concludes Formo, conceding Blond An A-.

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