How to LA: How to Ride a Bike in LA, Residents Protest Fast & Furious, Climate Change Worldwide

GRAMGood morning, L.A. It’s Monday, August 29. Today on How to LA: Biking in LA, featuring the How to LA podcast, the teachers union boycotted the first ‘optional’ day of LA Unified.

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I have always wanted a bicycle. In my senior year of college I bought one and loved it so much I rode it everywhere. But eventually that $80 Target bike just didn’t do me any good…and definitely NOT in a big city, like Los Angeles. Now, at a completely different stage in my life, I’m ready to do it again: get on a bike and ride all over Los Angeles. But I need to know how to start, right? Thank goodness we have a guide to help me navigate this. check it here.

This kind of help is exactly what As the is about. We have this newsletter (thanks subscribers, if you haven’t already, here’s how to get it delivered to your inbox on weekday mornings!) and a podcast launching tomorrow (listen to the trailer) that is intended to serve YOU, the curious Angeleno, who wants to better CONNECT with our city, DISCOVER the new, NAVIGATE the confusing, and possibly make a CHANGE along the way. ICYMI we introduced the concept last week in this newsletter.

For a little more about the podcast How to get to Los Angeleshere is my colleague and host brian of the saints

Hi everyone With each episode our goal is to drop a bit of knowledge about this city.. So, in keeping with Aaricka’s bike theme, let me tell you about a time this spring when she was recording a podcast episode for As the. We decided to try the new bike lanes in West Adams that connect to Culver City. I don’t have a bike so to be honest I was scared to get on a bike and ride around the neighborhood in the middle of car traffic.

Not so great news: It was a bit scary, but I survived. and i loved it Bike lanes definitely provide a service in those neighborhoods. You’ll hear all about this in an upcoming episode.

But here’s the tea: LA is so big that some of us find ourselves stuck living in traffic. Like me, I live near LAX and work in Pasadena so I can be MUCH. My Monday morning tip? Get out there and try riding a bike, scooter, or rollerblades in your neighborhood.

Did you know that cyclists have the same rights on the roads as vehicles? Our guide can help you get started:

  • Consider the benefits of riding a bike
  • Challenge yourself by starting small
  • Find the right team
  • street rules
  • Other tips for navigating the roads of Los Angeles

Do I catch you in a bike lane someday? Ring your bike bell if you see me.

As always, stay happy and healthy, friends.. There’s more news below, just keep reading.

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  • ICYMI United Teachers Los Angeles said that will boycott the first day ‘optional’ of classes — part of the plan unveiled by LAUSD Superintendent Alberto Carvalho to offer extra days of instruction to kids who fell behind during the pandemic. the the first ‘optional’ day of this semester is October 19.
  • Residents of Angelino Heights held a rally on Friday, protesting the next movie in the Fast and Furious franchise, x fast, arguing that the series has encouraged more street racing in the neighborhood. (Los Angeles Times)
  • In an exclusive report, LA Taco reports that Los Angeles County officials installed concrete barriers in East Los Angeles deter a taco stand to set up a shop (the taco)
  • You’ve probably heard of the wildlife corridor planned over the 101 and the Santa Monica Mountains. conservationists I want one for him Palos Verdes Peninsulaalso.
  • wait you said is there a VEGAN butcher in LA? Meet Maciel Bañales who opened a plant-based deli, Maciel’s, in Highland Park. My long-time vegetarian colleague Julia Paskin is a fan.
  • Not everyone is satisfied with the Caltrans program to clean up homeless encampments along state highways, but Gov. Gavin Newsom last week joined a cleanup effort in Los Angeles. and praised the work, which includes collecting more than 1,200 tons of garbage in the past year. (the bee of sacrament)
  • MoviePass filed for bankruptcy in 2020. now it’s back.
  • It’s no secret that there is a political divide when it comes to renewable energybut there is a lot of misinformation about the use of alternative fuels to fossil fuels. This is how it spreads.
  • NASA’s Artemis I is scheduled to launch today and will circle the moon. before returning home on his 42-day mission. The spacecraft will be unmanned, but Snoopy will be on board.

Expect! One More Thing… My Top Three Tea Drinking Trends

US President Joe Biden at a podium announcing student loan relief with Education Secretary Miguel Cardona to his left.

US President Joe Biden announces student loan relief with Education Secretary Miguel Cardona (R) on August 24, 2022 in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, DC. – Biden announced that most US college graduates still trying to pay off their student loans will get $10,000 relief to address a headache from decades of massive educational debt across the country.

(Olivier Douliéry)


AFP via Getty Images)

It’s Monday. Time for a quick review of the stories that were trending on social media over the weekend.

THREE — The Biden Administration is offering student loan relief, but here’s some advice, courtesy of the Washington Post, on other ways you can try to have your student loan forgiven.

TWO — This San Francisco police reporter @sfcronica they tracked down the thieves stealing his car and i learned what the police can and cannot do help.

A— Climate change is real. In this photo essay by Bloomberg Green (@climate), pictures of dry lake beds and the rivers show how a warming planet is wreaking havoc around the world.

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