How To Keep Using Tears Of The Kingdom’s Item Dupe Glitch After Nintendo Patched It

Nintendo has just released a new patch for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and while it wasn’t explicitly in the patch notes, it seems the company has fixed several glitches that were breaking the game’s economy (single player). ). ) game.

However, there is a way around Nintendo’s long-reaching arm, thanks to the wonders of… less-than-modern technology. Nintendo is a rare company these days in that they don’t require you to connect to servers to play most of their games, nor do they require patches before you can launch them like most always-connected games. As such, you can simply… not download this patch for as long as you like, and continue to use an unpatched version of all old item glitches.

To do this, you:

  • Go to System Settings
  • Go to the System tab
  • Disable automatic updates

That will allow you to stay on the 1.1.1 patch effectively forever instead of moving to Nintendo’s new 1.1.2. The only reason you would need to update is if A) there is some game-breaking bug that Nintendo needs to patch later (unlikely) or B) someday Tears gets new DLC that you have to download.

Personally, I’m not using any items that fail, but I won’t judge anyone who does, because Tears of the Kingdom is fun when it comes to a sandbox with no restrictions on top of the normal save quest for gear. Any way you want to play is fine, though apparently Nintendo doesn’t think so.

There were multiple glitches that allowed you to duplicate items. One that required you to drop a bow and pause and resume and allow materials to fall tricked and unfused. Another had players using manual saves to drop weapons and shields they wanted to duplicate. Finally, there was one related to his paraglider that was supposed to be faster than the others. I think all of these were patched, but if not, you can still try them. Read about them in full here, as I’m running out of space to post the exact steps for all of them. But in 1.1.1 they should all still work.

There are some real Why did Nintendo fix these bugs? I mean, probably not, but I also understand your desire for people to play the game as intended. I feel like some of this could be resolved with a completely free and unrestricted build mode, though I guess by the end of the game players can be so rich and stuffed with Zonai parts that they practically is that. But yeah, if you want to keep duplicating items, don’t download this patch.

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