How to install minecraft mods on android

We love Minecraft because it always takes things to another level; It could very well be a different game from its original version from 2011. While Mojang is always adding something new to its blocky sandbox, Minecraft mods allow fans to express their own creativity. On some platforms, mods can be difficult to install, but the Play Store has some really great apps for bringing unique content to your Minecraft experience. Modder’s inventive creatures, trivia, texture packs, and mini-games can now be explored on the latest Android phones; installing them is a piece of cake. Here is everything you need to know.


Important to note: While mods are generally safe to use, some can brick or corrupt your world. We recommend that you make a backup of your world before installing any mods. Better safe than sorry.

How to install Minecraft from the Google Play Store

  • Open the google play store.
  • Tap on the search bar and write “Minecraft”.
  • The application must be the best result, “Minecraft by Mojang”. Install this app.

How to download minecraft mods using Addons for Minecraft

  • Open the google play store.
  • Tap on the search bar and write “Addons for Minecraft”. Install This application.
  • Once installed, open this app.

How to navigate the Addons for Minecraft app

  • jump to the search option in it below on the application screen and press it.
  • Search for the type of mod you want.

Install a selected mod

  • Tap your chosen application Cover image to select it.
  • Tap on the orange “DOWNLOAD (Mcaddon)” button to download your selected mod.
  • Touch the same button, now reading “INSTALL” to install the mod on your minecraft app.

Important to note: Some mods will require multiple downloads and installations. To do this, simply repeat the steps above and tap both or all of the DOWNLOAD and INSTALL buttons on the page for your selected mod.

How to install your downloaded mods in Minecraft

There are slightly different options for how to install mods on new worlds and existing worlds. But don’t panic, they are very similar and behave almost identically.

Here’s how to install mods in a new world in the Minecraft app

  • Open he Minecraft app. Tap on the Play button.

Minecraft menu screenshot


  • navigate to “Resource Packs” either “Behavior Packages”. Both will contain “Asset” and “Available” eyelashes.
  • Tap “Available“to bring a”property” menu of all your mods. Tap “Activate” next to the mod you want.
  • Navigate to the “active tab“and touch”Eliminate” to uninstall any mod you no longer want.


Here’s how to install mods on your existing world in the Minecraft app.

  • Tap he pencil icon next to a existing world yours.


  • navigate to “Resource Packs” either “Behavior Packages”. Both contain “Asset” and “my packages” eyelashes.
  • Tap on the “+” next to “my packages“to bring out all your Discharged mods. Select one and tap “Activate” to install them.
  • Tap on the “+” next to “Asset” to bring out all your installed mods. Tap “Deactivate” to uninstall them.


Are there any mods I should try first?

Since there is enough mod content to make your head spin, here are a couple of suggestions for trying out some great Minecraft mods:

MMFishing Infinite Block Cheats


A cool new world mod that gives you access to all in-game items while keeping achievements accessible on the sly. Perfect for getting all the Minecraft achievements quickly or for nabbing those few tricky trophies that were giving you trouble.

Safe House by Team Cubitos


This mod gives users a fully furnished house with unique security features, including a lava pit, steel door shield, and bedrock wall. The mod also provides a security camera feed with live images from all four sides of the safe house; making surprise attacks almost impossible. Special eggs can grant access to the safe house or prohibit it. Give it a try and keep those intruders away!

Enhance your minecraft experience using mods!

While the vanilla Minecraft experience will always be great, the mods are amazing and it’s never been easier to use them on Android. There are tons of cool apps like Addons for Minecraft PE and Mods Installer Forge to enhance your sandbox with new items, mobs, sights and sounds; all on the best Android tablets. Finding and installing mods can be daunting at times, but these Minecraft mods are particularly easy to come by. There are always loads of fantastic new mods for you to try out.