How to install apps and games on iPhone

Everything you need to know to install applications or games on your iPhone.

Did you just buy your first iPhone and you don’t know how it works? Not familiar with downloading games and apps on the App Store? Don’t worry, relax and read the following article to know how to install them.

you will know that you iPhone can do much more to call, send messages to your friends or family and take photos. We tell you step by step how to install games or applications on your phone.

The first steps you must follow

Before you start downloading apps and games on your iPhone, you should know that you need an apple id with a payment method (a credit card, for example) on your phone. Don’t worry, there are free apps and games, but this is one of those “firewalls” that Apple requires you to have before you can do anything. For it:

  1. open the app Settings.
  2. Beam click on your name above all.
  3. Click on “Payment and shipping“.
  4. Now click on “Add payment method” and add the one you are going to use.
Add payment method

Adding a payment method is very easy from the Settings app on your iPhone

We also recommend that you check if you have enough storage space available on your iPhone to save the applications you are about to download. For it:

  1. open the app Settings.
  2. Click on “General” and then in “iPhone storage“.
  3. it will take A while in showing you the space that your iPhone has and the one that you have already used.
Free space on iPhone

Seeing the space you have free is very simple from the settings app on your iPhone

What applications will I find in the App Store?

Apple App Store

“The apps you love. From a place you can trust”

Before we start exploring the App Store app on your iPhone, we’ll walk you through the different types of applications what you will find:

  1. Free apps: These apps are totally free to download from the start but usually have in-app ads and even some in-app purchases.
  2. Payment applications: These apps cost money to download and their updates will always be free. Some of them also have in-app purchases, although it is not very frequent. The price of these apps appears on a button next to their name.
  3. Subscription Apps: These apps can be both free and paid, but they will also charge you a regular fee (weekly, monthly, or yearly). Be careful because some applications of this type have subscriptions with quite high prices.
Differences between free and paid apps

The difference between free and paid apps is easily seen in whether or not it puts the price next to the name.

How to install apps on iPhone?

Now that you know everything you need to know before entering the App Store, see you how to use it:

  1. On your unlocked iPhone look for the icon of the app storewhich is blue with a white “A” in the center.
  2. When the store opens you will see a screen with many applications. The buttons at the bottom of the screen will take you to different sections of the store.
  3. These sections are: “Today” (apps Apple wants you to see first), “Games”, “Apps”, “Arcade” (this is Apple’s paid monthly or yearly service), and “Search”. Choose the one that suits you best or investigate little by little.
  4. When you locate the application you want to download, we recommend that you read everything it offers you before downloading it. When you want to include it on your iPhone, press the “Get“.
  5. now you will get one pop-up window where should you confirm download or purchase the app with your Apple ID, Touch ID, or Face ID password.
  6. Then you will see that the application is it is downloading with a wheel in the middle (indicating the progress of the download). When it’s complete, go to your iPhone’s home screen and tap the app icon to launch it.
Download an app on the App Store

You will discover that downloading an application or a game in the App Store is very simple

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Now enjoy your new apps and games downloaded If you want to remove any that you have installed, keep your finger pressed on the icon until a menu appears where you must select “Remove app” in red.

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