How to increase storage capacity and items in Pokémon GO?

Niantic released a minor update that allows trainers to increase the maximum storage and item upgrade capacity in Pokémon GO.

How to increase storage capacity and items in Pokémon GO?

Posted on August 27, 2022

Pokémon GO developer Niantic shared on the game’s official Twitter account on August 26 and 27, 2022 that a minor update is available to install. The update sees new changes to the capacity features of item and storage upgrades, which should increase the space to store more items and Pokémon.

This had been requested for months, and it appears that the developer has followed through with implementing another increase in the various storage features. While this has been well received, it does have one major drawback: Trainers must purchase them to increase the storage limit in the in-game store.

How to increase storage capacity and items in Pokémon GO?

As item and storage upgrades can be purchased in the store, they can be accessed by going to the map view and tapping on the main menu icon. Then tap the Store icon to enter where they can search your inventory for Upgrades.

The item or bag upgrade, which now has a maximum capacity of 5150, can be permanently increased by 50 units. This will cost 200 PokéCoins, allowing you to store 50 more items in your bag until you need more space.

Likewise, the storage upgrade also increased by 50 units, with the new maximum cap capped at 6,150. This allows you to have more Pokémon permanently, breaking the bank by 200 PokéCoins per 50 units.

pokemon go update how to increase bag item storage capacity
Trainers can now increase their storage capacity to a maximum of 6,150. (Image: Niantic/The Pokémon Company)

To reiterate, PokéCoins can be obtained through two different methods: the first is by successfully defending your Gym, which can also earn you Gym points. Your Pokémon can receive a PokéCoin every 10 minutes spent in a Gym; a maximum of 50 PokéCoins can be earned at a Gym in 24 hours.

The second method is through microtransactions, where PokéCoins and other valuable in-game items can be purchased. This depends on your country’s currency, which you can use real-world money to buy PokéCoin packs from 100 to 14,500 PokéCoins.

pokemon go update how to increase item storage capacity new training box
A notable data miner reported a new “Training Crate” available for purchase in-game that includes items and storage upgrade items. (Image: Niantic/The Pokemon Company)

Lastly, Pokémon data miner Leek Duck, who first reported the new storage upgrades, tweeted that there will be a new “Training Box”, including storage upgrade items and items, which can be purchased for 550 PokéCoins. They stated that it should be available from midnight local time on August 27, 2022, and we will endeavor to provide further updates once more reliable information is available.

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic / The Pokémon Company.

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