How to Have a Luxury Cancun Vacation Without Breaking the Bank

Bougie on a Budget: Cancun Edition.

It’s no secret that Cancun is one of Mexico’s top destinations for beach lovers. Its 14 miles of pristine coastline with electric blue waters lapping its shores, along with legendary nightlife, tons of shops, restaurants, and outdoor adventures, make Cancun a top destination for all types of travelers. It’s also the kind of destination that fits every kind of budget. Your travel style can fall anywhere on the spectrum; however, we will show you how to make your Cancun vacation luxurious without breaking the bank.

Take advantage of those benefits

Who says your luxury vacation has to start once you arrive at your destination? If you have a travel credit card, be sure to take advantage of all of its travel benefits. Use points to upgrade from economy to business class. Do you have rideshare vouchers and credits as a credit card benefit? Book a luxury ride, as opposed to standard travel, and arrive at the airport in style. Make your entire trip a luxurious experience by enjoying lounge access that comes included with multiple credit cards. Sip complimentary champagne and enjoy complimentary nibbles while you wait to board your flight. Upon arrival in Cancun, you can stop by one of the lounges to quickly recharge or grab a snack before embarking on your Cancun adventure.

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Book private transportation before you arrive

If you’re flying in from abroad, you’ll likely arrive at Cancun International Airport, and getting from the airport to your hotel can be a bit overwhelming if you’re not prepared. You will be greeted by a barrage of people asking you to book their transportation service. There will be people who will insist on taking you aside and giving you information for your trip, only to try to sell you something in the end. To avoid all the chaos, use the free shuttle provided by your hotel, if it’s available, or save a few bucks by reserving your shuttle before you arrive. sites like offers one-way private transportation starting at $29 USD. This service has capacity for eight people. At the airport, you’ll easily pay $40-$50 for the shuttle, where you’ll often be carpooling. That means you’ll be making several stops along the way. Save time and money and book transportation in advance to start your Cancun vacation with ease.

It’s all about the location

While the Cancun Hotel Zone may be a bit more expensive than other areas of Cancun, you’ll save on transportation and comfort. The hotel zone is about a 30-minute drive from the airport, and your preferences should determine which end you choose to stay in: the extreme north or the extreme south. If you want to be close to nightlife and partying, you should consider staying in the North End. Also, if shopping is your thing, you will find many malls and shopping options in this area. If these things are important to you, staying in the north of the Hotel Zone will save you tons of money on taxis and transportation, as many of these things are within walking distance of the tourist centers. If you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere with calmer beaches and incredible waves, the southern end of the Hotel Zone may be more suitable for you. The southern end is also closer to the airport, which will shorten round-trip transportation time.

Wyndham Alltra Cancun

Opt for an All-Inclusive Resort

One of the best ways to get the most out of your investment while traveling in Cancun is to book an all-inclusive resort. With all-inclusive resorts, you can enjoy a stress-free, relaxing getaway where you can eat, play, and stay all in one. You can enjoy unlimited food and drinks and don’t have to worry about a massive bill at the end. For travelers looking for luxury for less in Cancun, check out Wyndham Alltra Cancun—a beachfront dream getaway with a mission to provide “all-inclusive for everyone.” With 10 different dining experiences, bars and lounges, your dining options will be endless. Imagine the amount of money that can be saved by enjoying everything from quick bites to fine dining on property. You’ll also find daily activities ranging from yoga classes to tequila tastings. If you are traveling with small children, there is plenty for them too. If you’re looking for a luxury getaway in Cancun, booking an all-inclusive hotel lets you know exactly how much your vacation will cost in advance. You won’t have to spare any pennies or invite. You won’t even need your wallet while on property for anything other than tipping, if you’d like, because everything is included!

Speaking of saving coins, you can even get your entire stay for free by redeeming Wyndham loyalty program points.

Wyndham Alltra Cancun

Take advantage of all the comforts

Nothing feels more luxurious than being wrapped in a soft robe, sipping refreshing sips of fruit-infused water, having your hands and feet pampered, and having all your worries melted away with an invigorating massage. Want your Cancun vacation to feel a little more luxurious? Treat yourself to some rejuvenating spa services at your hotel. You’ll find your signature Swedish and deep-tissue massages on many of the spa’s menus; however, when in Mexico, enhance your experience by trying some of the Mayan-inspired treatments.

While enjoying the life of luxury, be sure to get your money’s worth and use the rest of the hotel’s amenities as well. Soak up the sun by the pool and get your unlimited helping of pina coladas and delicious bites delivered right to you, as you bask in the sun and the stunning views and shades of blue that shimmer in the Caribbean Sea. Want to burn off some of those all-you-can-eat calories? Use the fitness center on property or many properties offer daily activities like yoga and pool aerobics. Take advantage of everything while you are on vacation.

Enjoy the free activities

Cancun is a great playground to see and do fun things. There are so many options available that you may find it difficult to narrow them down. Here’s a suggestion: start with free activities! Hotels and resorts know that travelers are usually in Cancun for a good time, not a long time, so they want to make sure their guests are having a great time and are repeat guests at their property. Given this, one of the many perks that properties offer is free activities. Greet the morning with sun salutations with free yoga classes, explore the underwater world with free use of snorkel gear, paddle boards, and kayaks, or learn some new moves with free dance classes.

Wyndham Alltra Cancun

Elevate your dining experience

More and more all-inclusive properties are making their dining experiences more exclusive and offering a wider range of options. While you can still grab and go and enjoy buffet-style options, you’ll also see more options for reservation-only dining experiences. So make sure you pack something nice to wear to dinner. Make it a fancy date night and tell your partner they can order whatever they want because you’re having them over tonight. We’re sure you’ll have fun with it, but more importantly, it’s another way to make your getaway feel luxurious without breaking the bank. Dress up, choose the best restaurant on property for a romantic evening, a fun and elegant dinner with friends, or a solo date night. Order premium cocktails or champagne. Make an ordinary moment a celebration.

Visit off season/shoulder

If you want to book your getaway to the paradisiacal beaches of Cancun, consider doing it in low season. The shoulder season is the season between the high season and the low season. When is Cancun’s shoulder season? It is between April-May and October-November. When booking your trip during this time, you’ll often find that hotel rates are cheaper, as are flights. If you book during peak times like March and December, you’ll not only be dealing with rowdy vacationers and vacation travelers, but you’ll also be dealing with inflated prices. Traveling to Cancun during the shoulder season gives you lower prices than the high season and better weather than the off-season, which is the rainy season. So it is a win-win for you.

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Turn it into a double luxury vacation in one

Not only does Cancun have an international airport, making it easy to get to and from, but it’s also in a prime location for many other nearby destinations. It’s no wonder people flock to this amazing city when they need a beach break. Make your time in Mexico a double luxury vacation by visiting other popular destinations like Tulum or Playa del Carmen. Tulum is about an hour and a half drive from the Cancun airport and this beach town offers bo-ho vibes and eco-friendly luxury at its finest. Playa del Carmen is home to pristine palm fringed beaches and beautiful coral reefs. You’ll also find the adults-only Wyndham Alltra property here, as well as a bevy of other all-inclusive adults-only properties.

Bring cash with you

Private boat trip to a beautiful island, anyone? Making your Cancun vacation luxurious for less means making every dollar count. Booking tours through your hotel will often be priced higher than booking directly with tour operators. Also, if you’re paying cash, you can often negotiate a lower price. Cash is king! Also, if you don’t have a card that waives international transaction fees (it should), this will save you money on those fees. Consider booking a catamaran tour to Isla Mujeres, which has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, during your stay in Cancun. Imagine sailing the cerulean seas on a private catamaran, living your best life in luxury at a discounted rate because you paid cash. You will find tons of tour operators on the streets of Cancun. Take a look at a few and negotiate the best deal.

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