How to get your car out of the snow: a useful guide

The best thing you can do to avoid problems when driving in the snow is to equip your car with a great set of winter snow tires. But sometimes when you live in a northern state, you wake up to 8-12 inches of freshly fallen white stuff. And even with that fancy all-wheel drive system and winter tires, you’re going to have to dig up your car.

Here’s a guide on how to get your car out of the snow with some helpful products to help the process along.

Clean your tailpipe

Before you start the engine, the first thing to do is make sure the tailpipe is clear. Snow-clogged tailpipe can create a backup and cause deadly carbon monoxide, which cannot be detected by smell, to seep into the car. Don’t let that happen.

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shoveling snow

Of all the items you should have in your car during the winter, a small hand shovel is one of the most important. You can often find one that is collapsible, collapsible, or detachable for easy storage in the car. Clear snow off your roof and windows (you probably want to be able to see once you get going). A tire wrench or screwdriver can be helpful in removing ice and snow from tires. The ice chunks you clean can even add a bit of traction.

One thing to remember here is to keep your hands warm. It will only be as valuable as your fingers are pain free and mobile. Stash some winter gloves in your aptly named glove box. Keep some extra support with hand warmers.

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add traction

Your tires need something to grip. A set of MaxTrax will do the same job they do off-road. But if that seems like overkill for your Honda CR-V, you might as well keep a bag of salt, sand, or a safer alternative for pets. The liberal application of salt or melted ice will melt the snow around the ice and tires and offer more grip.

rock your car

Rocking the car back and forth can build momentum and help you pull the car out. Accelerate forward as much as you can. Go back as far as you can. Repeat. make sure you do this gently. The last thing you want to do is shoot, spin the wheels, and end up more stuck than before you started.

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Let some air out of your tires

Softer tires have more grip than harder tires. As a last resort, you can slightly inflate the tires to soften them and widen the tire contact patch for better grip. Driving that way can be unsafe. Therefore, you want to re-air them as soon as possible. A portable tire inflator could be helpful. The air pump at the nearest gas station will also be cheaper.

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