How to Get to Maui at Disney Dreamlight Valley

Have you ever watched a Disney movie and felt like you’d love to hang out with some characters? Good with Disney Valley of Dreamlight, you can do exactly that. The game features a ton of characters, and takes you on a nostalgic journey to unlock them, which leads them back to the valley.

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Some characters, like Merlin, Mickey Mouse and Goofy, decided to stay in the Valley, hoping that someone would save them from El Olvido. However, most were so affected that I completely forgot the existence of the place. and went to their own exclusive realms. It’s your job to bring them back.


How to unlock the Maui quest

Unlocking Maui himself isn’t the hard part, it’s the setup needed to get to the mission to unlock him. First of all, you will need to open the dream castle, which will require you Get all the Royal Tools and acquire 2000 Dreamlight before Merlin allows you to clear the thorns in front of the castle.

Once unlocked, it will give you the option to remove the thorns from one of the three doors at the bottom for free. These are the kingdoms with Wall-E, Moana and Maui, and Remy in them. Here you can select the door in the middle to get these characters without spending too much Dreamlight.

If you select a different realm in this part, you will have to spend 3000 Dream Light to unlock Moana and Maui’s kingdom later. This can be quite difficult to build early in the game, because you will most likely want spend these to unlock new areas in the map.

once you can enter lower center dooryou will need to finish Moana’s quest and take her to the valley before you can start working on Maui. After Moana left the kingdom island, another quest called A party fit for a demigod Begin to.

How to Get to Maui at Disney Dreamlight Valley

After the quest starts, head back to the kingdom through the gate and find Maui in the same place where you interacted with him during the search for Moana. He will be sad that she decided to leave him and join the valley, and he will be lonely, though he is too proud to reveal it.

Once the main character asks him to join Moana in the valley, he will say that the place needs to have good food that can keep you entertained. When the dialogue ends, you will have to bring three meals, from three stars to five stars.

Fortunately, you can bring three of the same foods for this quest. hearty salad is one of the easiest three-star meals, since requires only one cabbage and any two vegetables. You can easily buy the seeds for this at Goofy’s stall at peaceful meadows.

Once you have the ingredients, you can cook the meals on the stove Mickey gave you on his first quest, or you can find one at Remy’s diner. after opening it once more during your search. Cook the meals and bring them back to Mauiand will happily agree to join you in the valley.

How to make the Maui house

The final step to having this beastly demigod in your valley is make it a place to reside comfortably. This can be a bit tricky as there are some requirements to make your home. First of all, you will have to have the Dazzle Beach area unlocked.

For that, you need to finish the quest where you will be able to put the orb of friendship on the pillar in Peaceful Meadows. Once this is done, you can spend a few thousand Dreamlight to unlock the beach area by clearing the thorns on any of the paths that lead to it.

This is necessary because Maui Cave can only be placed in water.which is unlocked along with the beach itself.

Once you have everything, you can place your home on the edge of the beach, where Scrooge will help you build it in exchange for some Star Coins. finally you can Welcome Maui to the Valley of Light Dreamsand take a cute selfie with him at the fountain after you build the house.

Maui Friendship Rewards

Every time a character is unlocked, you can complete tasks to improve their character. friendship level up to level ten. Some of these levels will unlock a special quest with the character and you will also get a special reward to commemorate your friendship with the character on each level.

To increase your friendship quickly, you can talk to the character every day and give him gifts. There are three featured gifts every day they give Bonus XP. Also, you can perform your assigned homework while hanging out with them as well.

Aside from the final friendship quest unlocked at level ten, here are all the friendship rewards you can unlock with each level for Maui:

friendship level rewards
Level 1 Unlocks Maui, his home, and the ability to clean up small debris.
Level 2 Unlock cool shorts that you can wear on your character
Level 3 Unlocks an overlay that can be worn on clothing while customizing
Level 4 Unlock 500 Star Coins
level 5 Unlock some decorative paintings for your home.
level 6 Unlock another overlay for customization
level 7 Unlock 1000 Star Coins
level 8 Unlock more decoration for your home.
level 9 Unlock the third overlay.
level 10 Unlocks the statue of the demigod himself.

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