How to Get the Sailspy Spyglass (and God Roll)

fate 2 Season of the Plunder (Season 18) launched with new activities, armor, arc 3.0, and new weapons like the Sailspy Pitchglass. This Pirate and Fallen themed Arc Linear Fusion Rifle comes with several powerful perks. For example, God Roll for Sailspy Pitchglass makes it a powerful PvE-focused heavy weapon, perfect for punching holes in a boss’s health bar.

The Season of Plunder is fate 2 new pirate-themed season where the Guardians take the helm of the fallen ketchups in the recent ketch killer activity available in HELM Guardians can also go into the ground and uncover buried treasure in Expedition missions. Through these two new seasonal activities in fate 2Guardians can get their hands on new armor and weapons for this season, including the Sailspy Pitchglass.


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The Sailspy spyglass can be obtained as loot from Season of the Plunder seasonal activities. Sailspy Pitchglass can also be obtained by focusing Umbral Engrams on the Star Map in HELM or crafting at the Relic in the Enclave on Mars. To craft the Sailspy Pitchglass, players must first obtain the blueprint by finishing the objective on the red-rimmed versions of this weapon. the fate 2 The Witch Queen expansion introduced weapon crafting, which made it easier to obtain God Rolls.

How to get the Sailspy candle crystal in Destiny 2

The God Roll for Sailspy Ptichglass is Arrowhead Break, Accelerated Coils, Clown Shell, Voltshot, Right Hook, and Charge Time Masterpiece. Arrowhead Break in the first weapon perk column gives a plus ten to handling, allowing this weapon to come out faster. Another gun in the first column, Corkscrew Rifling, provides a balanced plus-five bonus to stability, handling, and range. The increased handling of Arrowhead Break is preferable because it increases the speed of trading.

Accelerated Coils, in the second column of weapon perks, speeds up charge time but decreases impact in return. This allows the weapon to fire more rounds, giving Sailspy Pitchglass higher DPS despite the impact loss. Other fate 2 Linear Fusion Rifles, like The Stormchaser, also opt for accelerated coils for general use. Additionally, an accelerated coil can be swapped out for an upgraded battery to increase the size of the charger if required.

The clown cartridge in the third column is an excellent bonus for Linear Fusions. The clown cartridge overflow keeps the gun up and firing longer. The reload requirement for Clown Cartridge also works with the Voltshot perk due to the same need to reload.

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Voltshot is the best perk option in the fourth column of weapon perks because it affects enemies with jolts. New effects like jolt became part of a guardian’s arsenal starting with the 3.0 arc release in destiny 2. Shock chains light up affected enemies, exposing them to more damage. This shock damage increase is higher than Vorpal Weapon, another perk available in this slot.

Alternatively, Swashbuckler can be used for a melee triggered damage buff that synergizes with Sailspy Pitchglass Right Hook’s origin buff. The downside is that enemies must be killed by melee damage to get this damage boost. Swashbuckler’s stacking damage bonus is also more substantial than Vorpal Weapon’s bonus. The final benefit depends on a Guardian’s preferred playstyle. Either way, Sailspy Ptichglass will unleash thunder on many bosses of destiny 2.

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