How to get the Grand Overture catalyst (and what it does)

the witch queen expansion of Destiny 2 saw the release of another season, Season of the Risen, and with it a new seasonal weapon. Grand Overture was the main reward of the first season of the Witch Queen era, and at the time of its release, it was a nice novelty that was somewhat forgotten and overshadowed by some legendary heavy weapons.

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Although Grand Overture is not a very powerful heavy weapon, its ability to launch powerful Arc missiles sets it apart from other exotic heavy weapons. Now that Arc 3.0 is also available on Destiny 2, this machine gun is one of the most interesting options when it comes to removing ads for heavy weapons. Players looking for something a little different but quite powerful, with great arc synergy, should look no further than Grand Overture. This is how players can get their Catalyst and how that Catalyst significantly improves their stats.


How to Get the Grand Overture Exotic Machine Gun

Grand Overture was introduced at the same time as the witch queen The expansion was released for Destiny 2. It was the season pass reward for Season of the Risen, and those with the paid pass were able to unlock it early on. Players who completed their Season Pass during Season 16 will likely have this machine gun somewhere deep in their Vault.

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For players who did not play during Season 16, you will need to purchase this weapon from the Monument to Lost Lights Exotic kiosk in the Tower. The following resources are required to unlock it:

  • 1 exotic cipher
  • 100,000 flashes
  • 200 legendary shards
  • 1 ascending shard

How to Get the Grand Opening Catalyst

Almost as soon as players get their hands on Grand Overture, Banshee-44 will want to talk to them. The gunsmith offers an exotic quest called “Heavy Does It” that will reward players with the Grand Overture Catalyst machine gun at the end. Players unable to find this quest may need to check their quest archive for abandoned quests as it may still be there from a few seasons ago. Like most Catalyst quests, “Heavy Does It” comes in three steps.

Step 1: Players do not need to use the Grand Opening if they don’t want to in order to complete the initial step of the quest. For Cabal enemies, you can head to the Castellum or complete the Duality dungeon for easy progress. The EDZ also has many places with Cabal enemies.

  • Defeat 50 Cabal enemies.
  • Get 50 kills with power weapons
  • Quickly defeat 15 enemies.

Step 2: This step requires players to earn Grand Overture kills and progress through playlist activities such as Vanguard Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit. Higher difficulty wins and strikes, such as Nightfall strikes, will reward the player with more progress on their calibration.

Step 3: Go back to the Tower and talk to Banshee-44. The armorer will reward the player with the Grand Overture Catalyst.

The catalyst must now be upgraded before it can be placed. The estimated number of deaths is around 400 targets defeated. For heavy weapons, the best place to farm is the Shuro-Chi encounter in the Last Wish raid. Grab a bunch of rally banners and head to the checkpoint to unlock the Catalyst.

What the catalyst does

Once the Catalyst is fully upgraded and placed, players will gain a stat boost for Grand Overture as well as additional features. The machine gun will now have increased handling and stability, both stats getting a +20 point buff respectively, which is nothing to scoff at.

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Additionally, the Grand Overture now has the ability to blind targets with its explosive missiles, and targets affected by missile damage will also detonate.

Is The Grand Overture Catalyst worth it?

For a while, the Grand Overture was just a cool little niche machine gun. However, the Season of Plunder has completely changed that. Grand Overture not only benefits from the strength that machine guns have in general after the damage benefits of machine guns against common enemies and bosses, but also enjoys the strength that Arc weapons have this season.

His missile damage works well with the Font of Might mod on Arc 3.0 builds that increase Arc damage. Also, the fact that it blinds and explodes targets makes it brilliant for most Arc 3.0 builds that rely on blinding and explosions. It synergizes well with current seasonal builds and mods, despite being released into the game several months ahead of time.

With that being said, Grand Overture is not a major DPS weapon. It may be great for ad clearing and Master Ketchcrash in Season 18, but it probably won’t be something players learn in late-game PVEs like Master raids or Grandmaster Nightfalls. That said, she definitely holds her own even in regular raid modes and dungeons when boss damage isn’t necessarily needed, so players with some extra time should consider grinding her catalyst.

Destiny 2 is available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Stadia.

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