How to get the Bladedancer skin

Bladedancer’s Aspect is a powerful legendary skin for rogues in devil 4, and no doubt many players will be interested in unlocking it. Fortunately, it’s not particularly difficult to obtain Bladedancer’s Aspect, though fans will need to meet a prerequisite before they can seek it out. This guide is here to provide full details on that prerequisite, and it will help players claim the Bladedancer Skin in devil 4.

Diablo 4: How to Unlock the Bladedancer Skin

The first step to unlocking Bladedancer’s Aspect is to complete stop the flowa main story mission that appears in act 2. More specifically, the quest is available near the midpoint of the act, and players should follow the waypoints provided by the Campaign section of their journals to easily meet this requirement.


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Once Stemming the Flow resolves, players should head to Jalal Vigila dungeon in the northeast corner of Scosglen. For clarity, the precise position of this dungeon has been marked on the map below, and fans will unlock Bladedancer’s Aspect by defeating the boss at the end.

In regards to what Bladedancer’s Aspect does, it adds additional power to Rogue’s Twisting Blades main ability. More specifically, it causes the blades to temporarily orbit the devil 4 Rogue after returning to them, dealing damage to nearby enemies. This damage is based on Twisting Blades’ return damage and distance, and Aspect is a critical component of builds that focus on that ability.

diablo 4 bladedancers skin location

To note, Twisting Blades Rogue is currently believed to be one of the best builds in devil 4, both for leveling up and at the end of the game. This is why Bladedancer’s Aspect is so highly sought after, and Rogue players should definitely consider trying it out. This isn’t the only powerful Rogue build in the game, however, and fans can also find success building abilities like Flurry, Penetrating Shot, and Barrage.

One last thing to mention is that Bladedancer’s Aspect is considered an offensive aspect, which means it can only be printed on weapons, charms, rings, and gloves. If the player will use this devil 4 Skin while leveling up, it is recommended that you do not print it on your weapons as they will likely be replaced quite frequently while working on the campaign. Instead, fans are encouraged to place Bladedancer’s Aspect on a ring or charm to avoid having to reprint it multiple times.

devil 4 It is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.