How to get special vouchers in Tower of Fantasy

To participate in the Steelheart Limit Order for Frigg’s Matrices in Tower of Fantasy, players must use a currency called Special Vouchers.

To attempt to pull the SSR Arrays Limited Order into fantasy tower, Wanderers will need rare currency known as special tokens. Unlike the Election Matrices Purchase Vouchers, which are gold in color, the Special Vouchers are distinguished by their bright ruby ​​hue, similar to the Red Nuclei. Additionally, the current limited orders, Angel’s Path and Steelheart feature the new SRR unit, Frigg, along with its exclusive Matrix Set. Consequently, players must purchase and spend special tokens if they wish to purchase any of their Matrices, as they cannot be drawn from the Choice Matrices banner.


One of the best sources of Proof of Purchase is Void Rifts, multiplayer PvE instances that give players allotted time to search for keys and battle buffs to defeat a single boss. On the contrary, the Special Vouchers in fantasy tower they don’t have such activity where players can earn the gacha coin directly. Instead, Wanderers must resort to two less desirable means of acquisition: Dark Crystals and the wallet.

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The main way free and paid players can get special coupons on fantasy tower it is through the Dark Crystal exchange, where 150 crystals can be converted into a single coupon. fantasy towerDark Crystal currency is far from hard to come by, but most adventurers prefer to spend their hard-earned crystals on character rolls and weaponry. However, 6,000 Dark Crystals are required to reach the 50% pity threshold for Limited Order SSR Matrices. Fortunately, the special vouchers spent do not go to waste, as they are recycled into overclocking chips.

How to get overclocking chips in Tower of Fantasy

Overclocking Chips is the “Flame Gold” currency of Matrices Limited Order. For each Special Voucher consumed, players will receive an Overclocking Chip that they can use in the Limited Shop to purchase an exclusive SSR Matrix. fantasy tower fans can spend 50 Flame to receive a random SSR array or 80 overclock chips for a specific piece of the set. Using quick mental math will reveal that these 80 overclocking chips equal 80 special tokens, for a total of 12,000 dark crystals.

Naturally, there are more ways to acquire Special Vouchers in fantasy tower. The Daily Supply Box and Limited Gift Pack offers contain special coupons within their packages. Since these packs provide more items than just special coupons, they are usually more expensive than the standard Dark Crystal trade. However, remember that they all cost Tanio, the premium currency that can only be obtained with real-world money.

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