How to get pets in Diablo 4

You can enter pets devil 4 in a couple of ways. However, you may not be satisfied with the available options. While it would be awesome to have access to a plethora of pets to follow you into battle, it’s not exactly possible. You can get pets, but there aren’t many options, and each one requires a bit of work or a specific build and class. Although, if you played any of the devil 4 betas, there is an additional option for you. Read on to learn how to get pets devil 4.

Getting pets in Diablo 4

Spirit Animal Pets in Diablo 4

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There are a few different pets that you can get within the game. First of all, if you played any of the betas and reached a certain level, you can get the wolf cosmetic item. If you play as a necromancer, you can have the skeletons follow you. If you play as a druid, you can have a spirit animal, which acts as both a pet and an addition to your arsenal against monsters. Below, you can learn a little more about each of these options when it comes to keeping pets at home. devil 4.

Wolf Mascot Cosmetic Item

The Wolf Pet cosmetic item can be obtained if you played any of the betas that ran during devil 4 before its official release. The open beta during the game’s early access period also counts towards this. Once you enter the game, if you reach level 20 with a single character, you will automatically be able to collect the Wolf Pet cosmetic item. It can be found inside the inventory screen. Equip the item and you will be able to see the Wolf riding on your back as you run through the Sanctuary.


To get a Skeleton, you will need to play as a Necromancer character. Once you’ve done that, you need to get the Book of the Dead, which allows you to choose between 3 different minions that you can spawn. The options are a Skeletal Wizard, a Skeletal Warrior, and a Golem. These may not count as pets you may have devil 4but they act similarly.

spirit animals

To unlock Spirit Animals, you must play as a druid. To unlock Spirit Animals, you will need to progress to level 15 and then complete the quest that takes you to Scosglen. You can choose between a deer, an eagle, a snake, and a spirit wolf. Each gives you specific bulls and can help you in different ways. Choose the animal that best suits your fighting style!

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This is what you should know about entering pets devil 4. Check back at The Nerd Stash for more helpful guides.