How to get more engagements and grow your social following fast

The question on the lips of most people trying to kill you in the social media space is, “how can I increase my following?” You will most likely get variations of the same question once you google. The truth is that people know the value of numbers and understand that a large following on social media is a potential gold mine.

However, going from obscurity to having tens or hundreds of thousands of followers is not Walk in the park. Certain ingredients have to come together in the right measure and at the right time for everything to click.

That said, are you a business person, a brand ambassador, or an aspiring influencer trying to expand your reach on social media? This post is for you. Here we will share the ins and outs of commerce for the topic: How to get more engagements and quickly grow your social media following.

Post high-quality, engaging content frequently

The first fundamental rule of Social Media 101 is CONTENT. This point cannot be emphasized enough. Content is the meat of social media, and without it, these platforms would be long expanses of dessert. With that in mind, you also need to understand that high-quality, engaging content is also an integral part of scoring on social media.

With the glut of all the text, audio, and video content available on social media, you can’t afford to do the bare minimum. You need to be able to capture your audience the instant they come across your content. Now, that is evident; QUANTITY is almost as valuable as QUALITY. Therefore, always strive to deliver quality content in a timely, regular, and consistent manner.

Stay on top of trends

The number two tip you should pay close attention to is trends. You will be keeping an eye on trends within the social media space as well as the niche you operate in. Suppose you have an IG account where you post content about entertainment. You have to constantly be aware of events within the entertainment scene, so as not to miss the radar.

Afterwards, you should also keep an eye on general IG trends like hashtags, making use of the reels or the “story” feature, etc. But it’s also important that while we want to stay on top of trends, you remember to always be original.

Encourage your followers to like and share your content

Feel free to ask your followers for likes. Some people think that it might seem rude or desperate to ask your followers to like and share your content. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is that social networks are based on this whole “sharing” economy. So you wouldn’t go wrong asking for a like, share, retweet, bookmark and all that.

After all, if you appreciate good quality content, then you should do others the honor of watching it too. However, when trying to get people to like and share your stuff, you also need to be careful not to come across as spam; otherwise, you may be marked. Strive to keep everything as organic and natural as possible. Alternatively, if you don’t want to annoy your followers, you can try buying likes on sites like

Like, share and comment on other people’s content

This particular tip is very important. People make the mistake of only focusing on dropping and promoting their content. Here’s the idea. The way most social media platforms work these days is not the same as it was some 10 years ago. The algorithms have became more complex specific and refined objective. Therefore, they tend to reward users based on overall engagement rather than just content.

It is true that we want to give our content the best opportunity, but also remember that you must interact organically with other people’s content. Like, share, and comment on posts you find interesting, and the scales will also tip in your favor. The more of these things you do, the more people will engage with your content.

Reward your followers

Lastly, remember appreciate your followers. They are the reasons why you even “exist”. You can reward your followers through various means. You can challenge your followers to a challenge where you can reward the best. On the other hand, you could run a small cashback promotion that requires them to take certain actions to be eligible. Many celebrities do some of these things.

The best thing about them is that they not only increase engagement, but also retain a loyal fan base.

Start increasing your social media engagement today

That’s it, guys! You just learned at the feet of the wise. Here are five proven tricks to get more engagements and ultimately grow your social media following. Try them out, tweak them where necessary, and focus as much as possible on what works best. I wish you good luck!

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