How to get Molduga Guts in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Molduga is an extremely challenging mini-boss with 1500 health. you can get Molduga fin, Moldovan jawand Molduga casings to beat it. These materials can be used to make potions, food, or item upgrades with the help of Great Fairies. But before that, you need to know how to easily defeat this boss. Let’s review how to defeat molduga to molduga location in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Molduga Location and Where to Get Molduga Guts in TotK

how to defeat molduga totk

Image Source: Nintendo via Zelda Maps Screenshot

Molduga’s minibosses are more than one. Although it is not known exactly how many there are for now, we share the location of 4 of them. These creatures are found only in the Gerudo region. If you want to find their location yourself, you have to search for them in this region. You can recognize these creatures by their crocodile shape and they are quite large. You must kill this creature to get Molduga Guts.

How to defeat Molduga in TotK

As mentioned above, Molduga is a mini-boss that can be a bit tricky, but you shouldn’t have a problem defeating him if you know the right strategy. His mole-like movements cause him to move under the sand, which adds an element of surprise to his attacks. In reality, though, Moldugo isn’t too hard to spot. Once you’ve seen Molduga, he climbs onto a high rock where he can’t reach you. Equip your most powerful bow and don your armor that grants attack. Then use something that increases attack, like mighty fried either powerful elixir.

From there, shoot an arrow into the arena. After shooting an arrow into the sand, Molduga will think that he is a living creature and will jump out from under the sand and attack the arrow. He immediately pauses the game while Molduga is airborne and adds flower bomb your arrow to hit the boss. When you hit the boss with this combo, he will fall to the ground in a daze. Immediately go down and start hitting Molduga with your most powerful weapon. Then repeat this process until you kill Molduga and get Molduga Guts.

What are Molduga casings used for?

Since Molduga Guts is known as a Monster Part, it can be added to any potion. However, its main use is for weapon and armor upgrades.

Here are all the armor pieces that require Molduga Guts to upgrade:

  • sand boots: You will need 5 Molduga guts to go to level 4.
  • Aspect of the Ancient Hero: You will need 9 Molduga Guts to upgrade to level 3.
  • Royal Guard Cap: You will need 3 Molduga Guts to upgrade to level 4.
  • Boots of the Royal Guard: You will need 3 Molduga Guts to upgrade to level 4.
  • Royal Guard uniforms: You will need 3 Molduga Guts to upgrade to level 4.


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The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is available on Nintendo Switch.