How to get and use the Waystones mod for minecraft

Minecraft is a game that has unlimited potential for players to create almost anything they can imagine. From building entire cities, castles, and even underwater bases, there is no limit to what can be created.

To further extend this incredible world-building ability, players can download mods that can alter the game in many ways. Some mods can add new creatures, blocks, and even textures to the game. Others may even add entirely new dimensions. However, some, like the Waystones mod, make it easier for players to move around the world.

Use reputable websites like Curseforge to download the Waystones mod

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The first step for any mod to work in Minecraft is to download it. This should be done by going to a reputable website like Curseforge.

There are many other websites that are not to be trusted. Downloading any files or modifications from these websites may not only cause problems in the game, but may also cause viruses on the device.

Once the mod has been downloaded, follow these steps to get started:

  • Make sure that both the Minecraft game and the client are closed.
  • Open the Start menu with the Windows key or by clicking the Start button.
  • Within the Start menu, search for %appdata% and select the Minecraft folder.
  • Once in the Minecraft folder, open the folder titled Mods.
  • Paste the newly downloaded mod files into the Mods folder.
  • Start the game. If done correctly, the mod will now be active.

Now that the mods are working, it’s time to create a world and enjoy the Waystones mod.

How does the Waystones mod work in Minecraft?

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The Waystones mod allows players to make different Waystones around the map that can be warped. This is done using a warp scroll or refillable warp stone. Players can also use Waystones to teleport directly across the map to other Waystones they have established.

The Waystones mod allows players to build various settlements around the world without worrying about how they are going to traverse the vast distances between them.

This is fantastic for those who may have a big city. With this mod, players can also have outposts in different biomes to farm specific materials or items when needed.

In what modes can the Waystones mod work?

The best thing about the Waystones mod is that it can be used in Survival Mode, Adventure Mode, and even on multiplayer maps. This is a great alternative to the /warp and /home commands because it allows players to “legally” teleport without having to worry about cheating or using console commands.

In Survival Mode, players will need to create the Waystones they wish to place. On multiplayer servers, the server owner has the option to disable them for others or make them globally available for use.

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