How to fish on Ikonei Island

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  • Restoration of The Otterlot Prowling Grounds

There are five different creatures that you can tame in Ikonei Island: An Overland Adventure. One of these creatures is the Otterlot; these little otters can help you fish in water sources around the island, which makes them very useful.

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In this guide, we will review how you can unlock the Otterlot, and how to use this creature to fish. Like other creatures on the island, you’ll need to free Otterlot from a pirate outpost, so let’s first take a look at where you can find them on the map.

Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure is currently in Early Access on Steam and as such the content is subject to change. We will update these articles as needed.

releasing the otters

The Otterlot can be found in cages at the location marked on the map above. This is a pirate outpost that you will need to clear first. Like the previous outposts you’ve come across, you’ll need to Dodge the path of the bouncing pirates and head for the cannons to destroy the raised platforms.


Once all the raised platforms have been destroyed, you can run to the caged Otterlots and free them.

Bonding with an Otter

After releasing the Otterlots, approach one you want to bond with. This will bind you and Otterlot together, allowing you to summon them whenever you want. Remember, if you want all four characters to have an Otterlot, you’ll need to bond with them first. Later, we’ll go over where you can find Otterlot Prowling Grounds.

fishing with an otter

Now that you have an Otterlot, you can fish! To do this, team up with Otterlot to gain control of his movement, and then find any body of water on the island. In the water, you can see a group of fish swimming. Simply approach this location and interact to start fishing. You can consume fish to gain more hearts or use them to craft.

Some fishing spots require a higher star rating. For information on how to increase this, check out our guide on how to increase star rating with your pets.

Restoration of The Otterlot Prowling Grounds

When your Otterlot is not summoned, they will remain at Otterlot Prowling Grounds. This one is located right across from where the pirate outpost was where they were caged.

From the back of the outpost, you can find a ruined stairway that leads directly to the grounds, but it can’t be repaired from this side.

Instead, you’ll need to go around the swampy area to repair the ladder. Once you get here, you can also restore Prowling Grounds with the following materials.

  • 15x long grass
  • 8 sturdy logs

If you have the following materials on hand, you can repair the ladder to quickly get to the Dawning Sands.

  • 5x Iron Ingot
  • 10x Cut Rock
  • 4x sturdy planks

Now that you know everything there is to know about Otterlots, get out there and start fishing!

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