How to find out LeChuck’s favorite food, theme song and catchphrase in Return to Monkey Island

it didn’t take long for Return to Monkey Island to take you to the island of the same name, right? This act is a bit short, but there are still plenty of puzzles to solve and new areas to explore.

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And you thought you were done interacting with the crew of the evil ship? Certainly not. They stick around a little longer to provide help, whether they are aware of the fact or not. Here’s how to help Guybrush navigate life like only he can.

Find the secret of monkey island

You will start this act submarine – you will have to do it quickly move right, and its time runs out every time the screen changes. But don’t worry, you’ll be arriving on Monkey Island very soon!


Ah, it’s good to be back.

Take a break while you’re at the beach. If you examine the tree on the lefteventually you may come to an epiphany about the heart engraved on it. kick the tree five times for an achievement.

Head left and examine the skull on the floor. It’s not Murray, but Guybrush will pick it up anyway. He will now move to the jungle at the back of the screen, which will take you to the overworld map of Monkey Island.

There are a few places you can go: take a look at the red berry bush First, next to the river. It is the first step in the Map of the Secret.

The next step tells you to follow the great stone handtake the right exit from this screen to do so. You must then follow the path north past the wooden chickenand so to the right past the bees and next to the… useful but poorly written sign.

This familiar view is very, very obviously a trap. Attempt pick up the shovel in the center of the screen, and Guybrush will be trapped. The next scene contains some important reveals, so be sure to listen carefully! Importantly, she will discover that Captain Madison has the genuine map to the Secret, but he is encrypted and she is enlisting him to help her decipher it.

To break the encryption, a person with the map must play LeChuck theme songeat your favorite foodand speak your slogan.

One thing leads to another, and you’ll end working with pirate leaders since Guybrush is the only one of them able to get on LeChuck’s ship, this is how you will discover the three requirements to decode the map.

For now though, it’s time to explore Monkey Island a bit more!

  • go to the Mountain summit. there is another skull here, pick it up.
  • there is another skull thrown on the floor near the wreck. Go grab it.
  • There’s also a skull in volcano beach near some piece of wood.
  • Finally, there is a skull in the way to the giant monkey head.

While you’re in the giant monkey head, go chat with your new ‘teammates’ and also the current murray skull on the right side of the screen. While you’re there, pick up the arm bone on the ground near the wooden spikes.

Talking to the pirate leaders will reveal that you can make one of them cast a disguise spell on youbut you’ll have to find a secret possession of one of LeChuck’s crewmates to achieve this.

How to get a secret possession from one of LeChuck’s crewmates

Return to Volcano Beach. You may Tread the water to LeChuck’s boat and get back on board. You will walk underwater. There is one more skull on the left edge of this screen. Pick it up and climb up the anchor chain.

Instead of climbing back over the railing, slide down the side of the ship and down to meet Gullet again, still stuck at the helm. He is holding a poetry book, that would be a secret item!

Chat with Gullet and help him with his poetry:

  • germs rhymes with worms.
  • the roses grow.
  • Snack rhymes with Black.

With those answers, Gullet will be satisfied and his first volume of poetry completed.

However, it will not only give you the book for free: give him the business card what did you get from Conrad all the way back in the first act and Gullet will happily hand over the book.

With the book in hand, go back to the giant monkey head and give it to the pirate leaders. The poetry book will become a costume book that you can use to take on a new look.

Exit the area and return to the ship – you can simply click on the boat instead of Volcano Beach to take a shortcut. Recite the poem before going up over the railing – like Gullet.

How to Learn LeChuck’s Catchphrase

Now that you’re on board, it’s time to find the three things you need to decode the map. Asking Apple Bob about them will give you some clues: Apparently, LeChuck’s catchphrase changes all the timeyour favorite food is probably something that Putra doesand Flair Gorey is composing his new theme song.

Head to the ship and then to LeChuck’s cabin. On the right shelf is his daily – pick it up. examine it in your inventory to read it; you can learn your catchphrase this way. The final entry that mentions a catchphrase is April 10, which states that LeChuck went back to the catchphrase he had on the 17th. Turning the pages back reveals that the catchphrase is Plunder my blasphemous bilges.

How to Learn LeChuck’s Favorite Food

With that done, head to the kitchen and chat with Putra. During the conversation, when the opportunity arises, call her chef. This will make him like you a little more and give him more information, for example, LeChuck’s favorite food. She will reveal that she is tentacles with margarita saucebut she has no tentacles in the kitchen to cook it.

To get a tentacle, head underwater through the anchor and walk back to volcano beachwhere will you find a dead squid. using your trust ceremonial knifecut a tentacle. Take this to Putra and she will prepare the dish for you.

How to Learn LeChuck’s Theme Music

To get LeChuck’s theme song, return to the platform. You need distract Flairwho is busy composing it – start a vote by ringing the bell near the ship’s rudder, but only once. Tapping it twice will only make Apple Bob tell you that LeChuck is off the boat.

Flair will exit the ship and start wondering what the vote is about – use this distraction to sneak back onto the ship and grab the sheet music from the barrel On the left.

How to decode the true map

It’s time to decode the map, and it’s your task to follow the instructions. Go back to the giant monkey head and chat with the pirate leaders.

The first thing you have to do is play LeChuck’s theme song, and your instrument (sorry Murray!) it is the improvised xylophone made from wooden stakes On the right. First, place a skull on top of each pole – you should have collected enough for each bet. Once all the skulls are on, hit each of them on the head with the arm bone you picked up nearby and take note of the notes they play. For example, from left to right, our skulls made the following notes:


Examine the music sheet you got from Flair – the melody is:


Conk the respective skulls with the arm bone in that order. Remember it Murray’s note is ‘Ra’the game will not emphasize this fact in your item tag.

In the next scene, you will have to choose the correct words to form LeChuck’s catchphrase. Specifically, they are ‘Loot’, ‘my blasphemies’ and ‘bilges’. Continue to agree to eat the plate of tentacles, and then enjoy the scene.

How to repair sea monkey

The first is the first, pick up the book on the stump and murray. Then choose either of the two exits to return to the Monkey Island map.

Trip to the wreck of the Sea Monkey and use the helpful book on remains.

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