How to find LeChuck’s secrets

After stealing LeChuck’s map and trying to use it to get to the secret of Monkey Island, Return to Monkey Island players will discover that the map they have been following is, in fact, a fake. The real one was intercepted by Captain Madison and the other pirate leaders before it reached LeChuck, though they were unable to do anything with it due to its advanced encryption.

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For the map to reveal its secrets, the pirate leaders will need three of LeChuck’s; those are his theme song, his catchphrase and his favorite food. Since Guybrush is still able to get aboard LeChuck’s ship, the three leaders agree to share the secret with him if he can help them find this personal information.

How to Board LeChuck’s Ship

To reboard LeChuck’s ship, players will need to head to the Volcano Beach area and then go down into the water. If you walk a bit to the left, you will eventually reach the ship’s anchor and you can climb it to get to the side of the ship. From here, you can reach the ship’s wheel by heading to the left or get on the deck by climbing the ladder to your right.

First, players must go down to the helm and talk to Gullet, who is a bit nicer now that Guybrush is in his human form. They will have to talk to him about his notebook and then help him with his poetry by choosing words that rhyme from the options provided. Once the poem is complete, players must ask for the poetry book and then show him the museum curator’s business card, which convinces him to hand over the book. Gullet Poems Article.

Players must then return to the side of the ship and climb onto the deck using the ladder to the right. Unfortunately, Flair will be waiting for them there and is not at all happy to see Guybrush. It soon turns out that although Guybrush can technically still set foot on the ship due to the fact that he has never actually been fired, he is no longer welcome there and will be unceremoniously thrown overboard.

At this point, players must return to the giant monkey head and explain the situation to the three pirate leaders. Lila will reveal that she can use dark magic to help disguise Guybrush, though she’ll need a deeply personal item from one of LeChuck’s crew members. Luckily, Gullet’s Poem Book will work just fine, so players need to hand it over to him once the conversation is over. They will then be able to read the poems to make Guybrush look like Gullet, effectively giving him unrestricted access to the ship.

How to find LeChuck’s theme song

With a new costume now ordered, players must return to LeChuck’s ship and use the poetry book to transform before heading to the deck. After a brief chat with Flair, who is leaving to continue some important work, they can have a quick chat with Apple Bob to learn that LeChuck recently commissioned someone to compose a theme song for him.

Turns out that person was Flair. Sadly, not only will he hand it over, but if players ring the bell once to ask for another vote, he will climb back up onto the platform, allowing players to go down the stairs and grab the Music sheet from above the barrel outside the entrance to the kitchen. Examining the stolen sheet music will reveal that LeChuck’s main theme is Do, Do, Mi, Sol, Fa, Fa, Re..

How to find LeChuck’s catchphrase

While below deck, players should visit LeChuck’s cabin. There, on a shelf to your right, you will be able to grab LeChuck’s Diary. Unsurprisingly, it’s full of his insane ramblings, but flipping through its pages a bit, they’ll eventually find themselves in the February 17th entry, which reveals that LeChuck’s catchphrase is “Brandis the seven bilges!” Technically, he changes it to something else not long after, but ends up going back to the February 17 tagline at a later date.

How to Find LeChuck’s Favorite Food

To discover LeChuck’s favorite food, players will need to return to the deck for the crew members to go about their business. Once they do, players must head to the kitchen and talk to Putra. Initially, she has no interest in helping, but if the players call her Chef, she will reveal that LeChuck’s favorite food is tentacles with margarita sauce.. Players can then return to Volcano Beach and use the knife on the dead squid to get a Tentacle. If you give the tentacle to Putra, she will cook you a portion of Tentacles with Margarita Sauce​​​​​.

Return to Monkey Island is now available for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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