How to find Glowing Goop + Crafting-Recipes

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In Conan Exiles, Glowing Goop is used to craft some items and, thanks to the Age of Sorcery update, magic as well. In this guide, we will tell you where to find Glowing Goop and what you can craft with it.

The only thing that can be said about Glowing Goop is thatthat no one knows what it is made of and why it grows, or where it grows. But for you, it is more important where to find it and what you need it for.

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Conan Exiles: Glowing Goo Locations

Glowing Goop grows underwater in dark, shady areas that are often inhabited by crocodiles, so it’s best to equip yourself with weapons and armor before you go looking for the slime. You can harvest Glowing Glob with a Sickle or Pickaxe, which will give you a different amount of Glowing Glob per hit, depending on its quality.

Places where you will find Glowing Goop:

  • Hanuman’s Grotto
  • The Descent of Dagon
  • feces
  • In the shaded areas of jungle in source -2755, 3337
  • In sticky bushes in the tunnel leading to Dagon’s Descent in -2738, 3000
  • In the Sunken City at the Glowing Goop Deposit
  • In supermarket (scattered patches)

Conan Exiles: Using Glowing Goo

We’ve compiled some recipes that require Glowing Goop to craft these items. Also, it must be said that you will also need Glowing Goop to use the magic that came out in the new update.

Craftable in inventory

Glowing Stick:

The Glowing Stick is an alternative to the torch, except it doesn’t emit smoke. To build a piece, you will need:

The crafting time is 5 seconds and you will be rewarded with 24 experience.

COnanExiles_glowbone - Guided

Craftable at Alchemist Benches

Glowing Essence:

Eating the glowing essence allows you to increase the time you can spend underwater. To create a glowing essence, you need the following ingredients:

  • 10x Glowing Goop
  • 2x Aloe leaves

The processing time is 20 seconds and you will be rewarded with 48 experience.

conan-exiles_glowing_essence - Guided

Craftable at the dyer’s bench

Cyan tint:

You can use Cyan Dye to color different materials and items, but keep in mind that different material structures absorb color differently. To craft a jar of Cyan Dye, you need these ingredients:

  • 1x glass jar filled with water
  • 1 glowing glob

The crafting time is 5 seconds and you will be rewarded with 8 experience.

conan-exiles_dying_vial_cyan_dye - Guided

Craftable in the fermentation barrel


Absinthe is an alcoholic drink for which you need these ingredients:

  • 1x purified water
  • 15x Glowing Goop
  • 1x leavening agent

The crafting time is 30 seconds and you will be rewarded with 86 experience.

Conan-exiles_absinthe - Guided

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