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Back-to-school shopping can spark a sense of excitement for new beginnings, especially if you’re a college student. It can also cause anxiety about high prices, but it doesn’t have to be.

College student discounts are widely available, and in most cases, all you need to qualify for these offers is proof of enrollment or a valid .edu email address. Once you’re verified, you can save big on purchases like study supplies, dorm decor, monthly subscriptions, and travel.

Check out these student discounts to help you save on college.

What do I need to qualify for student offers?

Enroll in a university

To be eligible for student offers, you must be enrolled in a program at a college or university. Whether you’re shopping for a major brand or exploring a local business, you’ll need some proof of student status before you receive a discount.

Make sure you have your college student ID

Your student ID is essential to access great deals on the go. Check with your favorite brands to see if they offer student discounts. If so, you can save on food, entertainment, clothing, and even travel.

Participating retailers include AMC, Apple, JCrew, Chipotle, Greyhound, and Amtrak, among many others.

You may need your university email address

When shopping online, many sites may require a college email address before giving you access to student offers. Showing your email is a quick and easy way to prove your eligibility. As long as you’re enrolled in your school and have an email account set up, you should be ready to sign up with the brands you love and start shopping.

Third party verification could help

Some brands partner with bargain sites like UNiDAYS or other verification services like to seamlessly confirm student enrollment through identity checkpoints. Third-party verification may require you to have a student email address or to log in to your university’s student portal.

Where can I find student offers?

Student discounts are common, especially online. From technology and household items to auto services and clothing, you can rack up big savings while you’re in school when you shop for the products you love.

technology companies

Most well-known tech companies offer student discounts on laptops and desktops, as well as tablets and smartphones. Before you head back to class, check out how the following brands are cutting prices for college students.

For even better deals, check out our guide to colleges with free laptop programs.

big retailers

Looking to furnish your dorm room or off-campus apartment? Major retailers offer savings programs and discount memberships for college students, especially during the late summer months. It’s free to take advantage of these savings programs, but a registered account is usually required. Popular offers include the following.

Subscription software companies

As a student, you benefit from accessing a variety of online services, including subscriptions and software. These services can be expensive, but that’s where student discounts come in handy.

Some streaming platforms like Spotify offer discounted subscription packages for students. Spotify’s offering includes Hulu and Showtime memberships, for example. The Apple Music student subscription gives you temporary access to Apple TV+ at no additional charge.

You can also get college student discounts on tools like Evernote. Many colleges and universities offer free access to publications like the New York Times, and some schools may even partner with sites that offer deeply discounted academic software, like OnTheHub.

car insurance providers

Staying on top of your scores can go a long way when it comes to auto insurance. Geico, Progressive and State Farm offer “good student” discounts to eligible policyholders. Check with your current insurance company to see if they offer academic discounts or specials for commuting students.

Keep in mind that many insurance providers require recipients of student discounts to be under the age of 25. You may also be required to show transcripts to show that you meet the minimum GPA standards.

Transit Companies

If you’re a student commuter and don’t own a car, look for local student transit deals like the NJTransit Student Pass for unlimited monthly rides. You could get discounted or even free rides in your state just by being enrolled in a college or university.

Local Shops and Restaurants

It’s never a bad idea to ask about student discounts at your favorite local businesses. Especially in college towns, it’s common for stores and restaurants to offer deals for local students.

Popular offers for college students

Most major brands offer student discounts in some form. Below are some familiar names and details on how to qualify your student rates.


Students get 15% off and free shipping on Adidas products in the US after signing up for an account and being verified through UNiDAYS.

To confirm your eligibility, third-party verification will be required through your school’s portal. Once you’re approved, you can start shopping.

Amazon Prime Student

Amazon offers a free six-month Amazon Prime Student subscription for new members. After the trial period, participants can continue their Prime memberships at a discounted rate of $7.49 per month.

Accessing exclusive Amazon Prime services, including books, streaming videos and music, is easy. Students can register by verifying their college or university’s .edu email address.

American Eagle

Also accessible through UNiDAYS, American Eagle offers a 20% discount to college students. To gain access, you will need a registered account with UNiDAYS that is verified through a third-party login through your college or university.


Apple’s educational prices offer a variety of discounts on new laptops and accessories, among other devices. You can redeem these offers directly through the Apple Education Store or through UNiDAYS. You may need a university email address or student ID handy to complete the verification process.

Bed bath and beyond

With 20% off storewide on your entire purchase, the Bed Bath & Beyond College Savings Pass is an exclusive offer that lasts through September 2022. To be eligible, you must provide proof of enrollment through one of the following supporting documents.

  • an acceptance letter
  • A college bill
  • your class schedule
  • Your student card

Best Buy

Best Buy offers educational discounts on a wide variety of products. With SheerID’s authentication services, student buyers can verify their eligibility through supporting documents like those listed above.


Enrolling in Costco’s Gold Star Membership program, which includes a $30 Costco Shop Card, is simple. Accessible through UNiDAYS, you can redeem this offer with just one click after logging into your account.


During HP’s seasonal back-to-school sale, students can get up to 77% off select products, including 5% to 10% off Envy and Specter PCs. Eligibility requires a valid student email address ending in .edu.


By signing in to an active Microsoft account, you can access the Microsoft student discount, which provides 10% off select products. Supporting documentation is not required at this time.


Samsung’s Education Deals Program includes a 30% discount for student shoppers, plus free shipping and 0% APR financing. To verify your eligibility, simply create a Samsung account using your college or university email address.

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